Patent Indicates that Google Entering the Foldable Smartphone Segment

Patents from Google shows that the search engine leader is also working on a foldable smartphone.


The folding smartphone has arrived with Royole, Samsung and Huawei, but obviously, the industry should not stop there. That’s because Google also plans to enter the industry, as indicated by a company patent discovered by Patently Mobile. According to the publication, the device would fold inwards, dominated by a simple and discreet look.

Google has the patent of its own foldable smartphone. (Source: Patently Mobile / Playback)

As shown by the images published in the patent document, when folded, the smartphone of the Google a little empty space in front of the folded part, something similar to what happens with some models of the Microsoft Surface Book.

There is still little information on Google’s endeavor, and it is never too much to point out that this is a patent, so it is not certain that this device will not even see the light of day at some point. But like Xiaomi, LG and perhaps Oppo are some of the companies that are expected to release folding over the next few months; it’s natural to think that the web search engine giant also follows a similar path.

So, is there a chance we’ll see a folding Pixel still in 2019? Leave your opinion here in the comments.

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