OPPO to Go Slow in Launching Foldable Smartphone

OPOO also has its own foldable smartphone model ready for the public.


If you have not been living under a rock in the last week, you probably know that Samsung has finally introduced its Galaxy Fold, which was the starting signal for the race of the foldable appliances. Apparently, it’s not just the South Korean giant and Huawei, with their Mate X, who are coming to this market: OPOO also has its own model ready for the public.


Still unnamed, the handset was presented by Brian Shen, vice president of the company, in a post on Weibo. Overall, the smartphone looks a lot like Huawei’s, betting on a folding screen that goes around outside the phone instead of storing it inside, like Samsung. Even the idea of leaving the space for the camera on edge is practically the same, having as most difference a more modern design in relation to the more serious style of its competitors.

Even with such similarities, Shen ensures that the entire device was developed within the company, not as a simple design reference combined with OEM software. The result, after all, does not look bad at all.


The bad news is that OPPO has no intentions of taking the smartphone to the stores, at least for now. The fact is that the company admitted that the current form of this technology still does not add much to the experience. As a result, even canceled its presentation at Mobile World Congress days ago, saying its revelation “would not have been significant.”

On the other hand, Shen warned that he could consider mass production of the device depending on market interest and even joked that it would depend on the number of retweets of the post. Since the company has come so far with this technology, it is unlikely that the phone will not reach the shelves, but it remains to be seen how long this will take to happen.

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