Face Unlock Fail: One Plus 6 tricked by a Photo

Should One Plus 6 owners be concerned?


The latest flagship from One Plus is one heck of a device—tons of positive reviews have surfaced mainly because of the Company’s usual excellent balancing of price and performance.

However, a recent tweet from a One Plus 6 owner revealed a potential candidate for the device’s Cons list: The Face Unlock feature was fooled into opening the device using a photo.

One Plus Face Unlock Fail

Before you freak out, here’s a caveat. Another user tried the experiment himself and shared the following results:

A. The Face Unlock feature CAN’T easily be tricked by simply placing a photo in front of it. Also, too many tries will deactivate the Face Unlock capability and require you to log-in using the passcode instead.

B. After unlocking the phone with his face AND IMMEDIATELY switching the photo for the next try, the phone did unlock. Also, it only worked in a colored print-out of his face and not with the black and white version.

Any hardcore Android user will remember that the Face Unlock feature was introduced by Google way back in Android Ice Cream Sandwich and introduced the “liveliness test” as additional layer of security right after someone used the same exact method of unlocking it using a photo.

On a related note, more secured apps like Apple, Samsung, and Google Pay requires additional security measures before it can be launched. This means that even if someone was able to trick your phone into doing it, they can’t easily use your phone fo making purchases or payment.

Here is One Plus’ official statement regarding the issue:

OnePlus 6 Face Unlock

Should One Plus 6 users be worried about this issue? Maybe, maybe not. But as mentioned by the person who conducted the test, it’s not as simple as it seems and luck and speed plays a role. Also, more secured apps require additional authentication before you can launch them. If this author is to be asked, I’d say just use other authentication methods because the One Plus 6 is one amazing smartphone.

Last updated on 21/01/2019 10:49

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