Will Nokia 5 (2018) redeem the mistakes of the previous device’s model?


The fans of Nokia smartphones were put into a flutter – all seems like the upgraded version of Nokia 5 (2017) will soon appear to the light of the day. 

The rumors are spreading since the Nokia chief product officer has mentioned the possibility of the release in his Twitter. He was answering to the questions of Nokia users, when one of the fans asked to make a Nokia 5 (2018) model for sale, to which Juho Sarvikas dexterously replied: “stay tuned :)”. What did this phrase mean and should we already get rid of our outmoded devices to clear a space for the upcoming one? The time will show.

What is already known?

Now, the Internet is full of expectations and guesses. Nokia 5 (2017) was a nice mid-range smartphone, one of the cheapest models in an assortment of Nokia’s products. Despite the price, it had a high-quality complement: NFC chip, fingerprint scanner, powerful 3,000mAh battery and, of course, an eye-catching metal & glass design. The model became popular around the people, who were searching for low-cost, yet, stylish mobile phone.

Nokia 5 (2017) has shown nice results in tests of different influential sources, which made a particular focus on the assembly quality. The phone got high average scores and lots of positive feedback from the satisfied buyers. It’s really impressive how plenty of functions, amazing appearance and high performance were combined together in so cheap device.

Still, there were several complains about the faded colors and defects of the screen, slow programs’ load, and other problems, which were inevitable due to the low price of the smartphone’s materials. Nokia can do better – we have already seen it when the updated version of Nokia 6 (2017) – Nokia 6 (2018) – was released, where all the problems of the previous model were eliminated. And now, when the release of the renewed version of Nokia 5 in on the horizon, we place our hopes on the masterfulness of Nokia developers.

Possible upgrades & updates

What do we expect from the Nokia 5 (2018) is, first of all, a better CPU. The last years’ phone had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, which can’t be called the first-class one. Many users flagged a slowdown of the smartphone when multiple intensive games or apps were opened – we hope that the new device will show much better performance.

Secondly, we expect that this year’s Nokia 5 will grow in price – this will allow the developers to use more qualitative components in manufacturing. The screen, which is almost impossible to read from when you use the phone on a sunny day, should definitely get higher brightness, and, maybe, an anti-reflective coating.

And, finally, the memory: 16GB is a funny amount today, when only the music takes around the half of that number. Users need to have free space for unexpected downloads of films, games or albums of the beloved artists.

The trend of upgrading has swept through the Nokia Corporation, which, we hope, will lead to the renewed versions of the other low-end devices, which we’d like to see in a better shape.


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