LG and Lenovo are Working to Create a Tablet with Flexible Screen

Are you not tired of reading smartphone news with the foldable screen? Although similar stories have been made for years, there is no smartphone yet. How about a foldable screen tablet?


The flexible screens are the new great step of the technology companies to innovate in the field of mobile telephony and tablets. Samsung plans to launch a flexible screen phone soon, and Huawei is also working on another model, but new information has revealed that other companies are going to get on this train as well.

Precisely LG Display not only works on panels for mobile phones of these characteristics but also is preparing a folding tablet of 13 inches in collaboration with Lenovo, according to information from South Korean media ETNews.

The interest by Lenovo tablets with folding screen comes from afar. In the 2017 edition of Tech World, the company showed two prototypes, called Lenovo Folio, which fulfilled this feature and had respective screens of 5.5 and 7.8 inches.


Now, the Chinese manufacturer wants to go a step further and create a larger folding tablet taking advantage of the experience of LG as a manufacturer of panels. The aforementioned Korean media, ETNews, states that LG Display has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Lenovo to start the project officially.

According to the source, LG Display will develop the tablet panel, while Lenovo will take care of manufacturing the device. The screen will be an OLED panel of approximately 13 inches with the capacity to double and occupy the size of a 9-inch device.

ETNews also say that LG plans to supply the folding screen to Lenovo in the second half of next year, which points to the possible commercialization of this tablet by the end of 2019, a year in which they will also see the light, the first folding phones.

According to LG Display, there are more opportunities for success in the folding tablet market compared to folding smartphones. In addition, the durability of a folding tablet is expected to be greater than a folding smartphone, as the latter would be opened or closed many times.

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