Unbeatable key Feature: 4 Terabyte of data storage in Lenovo Z5

The flagship phone with exhibiting features


Technology is advancing every second and now It’s time to leave your laptops and hard drive at home. It is evident from past that all the smartphone manufacturer try to improvise on one of the Key features on every launch, but no one thought of extending the data storage capacity to 4 TB. This year in June the new Lenovo bezel-Less Smartphone has 95%screen to body ratio which will push the brand name to next level of design and user interface by pitching the new features in Lenovo Z5.

A new leaked picture of the Z5 suggesting over 95% screen to body ratio

This is a pivotable moment in the history of Lenovo as it can replace the use of an external hard disk for data storage. This means the users will be able to store millions of images and music files. Moreover, people who do not wish to keep their data online like on google drive or dropbox may keep a backup on their smartphone, that’s amazing!

Lenovo Z5: The killer looks with invulnerable features

The VP Yong Rui announced the features officially of his flagship smartphone. He was happy to release a new teaser which shos an upcoming smartphone with no notches or bezel. can With the option to extend memory to 4 TB  and unbeatable physical outlook we can conclude that the company is trying to create a better customer experience and be the market leader. Lenovo has a track record of exceptional products, you may like to check out the other products.

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