Lenovo Says it will be the First to Launch a 5G Phone with Snapdragon 855

Hope this time Lenovo is not building the hypes with lies


Lenovo had ambitious plans for the short-term future and talked about it through one of its top executives. The company’s Vice President Chang Cheng posted on the Weibo social networking site stating that the company will be the first in the world to launch a 5G connectivity smartphone with Snapdragon 855, Qualcomm’s next-generation processor.

According to the report, the Lenovo executive has not given any timeframe or deadline for the arrival of the world’s first 5G smartphone. It is worth remembering that the Snapdragon 855 is reportedly already in the mass production phase, but there is still no exact prediction of when it can be released.


Faced with this, it is possible to suggest that the device not yet named cited by Cheng should not arrive in 2018, but can be officially announced early next year.

Before the release of Lenovo Z5, the company made several claims about the product, citing several possible new features for the model, and indicating that it can return to the market. The same VP claimed related to the Z5, stating, for example, that he would have a screen with a screen gain of about 95%, the 4 TB of storage and the battery 45 days in standby mode.


So far, it was thought that the first smartphone to be able to use this SoC should be the new Galaxy S10, but it is clear that Lenovo wants to get ahead of everyone.

You’ll also have to wait for Qualcomm’s moves to get a clearer picture of when the new Lenovo smartphone can be officially announced.


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