January 2019 may Bring a Xiaomi Smartphone with 48 MP Camera

Xiaomi is preparing for what is expected to be its best year ever at the sales level. The target for 2019 is that it will sell 160 million units of smartphones, 20% more than this year.


Lin Bin, president of Xiaomi, posted on Weibo an image showing a smartphone with a rear camera of no less than 48 megapixels. Recently, Huawei launched the Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro with 40-megapixel sensors, and then nothing more understandable than its main Chinese rival wanting to leave the competition’s releases in the slipper.

The executive used a photo that shows what appears to be the contour of the back panel of a smartphone and highlights a camera accompanied by the “48 MP Camera” annotation. The indication that Xiaomi works on such a product arrives shortly after Sony and Samsung unveil their new mobile sensors at the same maximum resolution.

Xiaomi prepares smartphone with a 48-megapixel camera

If the product is confirmed in the market, Xiaomi can break a record that, since 2013, belongs to the old Nokia with the Lumia 1020 PureView, the smartphone with Windows Phone with a generous 41-megapixel camera.

However, in addition to the possible 48-megapixel camera, there is still little information about Xiaomi’s new device. In the social network, the executive is limited to say that other news will be revealed in January and he has been using the new phone.

The arrival of mobile phones with high-resolution cameras can heat a race that has been going a bit lukewarm in recent years. Since manufacturers began focusing on quality and camera features, leaving numbers and specifications inflated aside, the evolution of gross resolution has narrowed. Even premium models in the market have used sensors in the 12- and 13-megapixel range for some years now.

In 2018, Huawei was featured with the Huawei P20 Pro which, in addition to three cameras, had one of them with 40 megapixels. The Chinese manufacturer’s system was so lauded that even after months on the market, the phone still shows the breath to beat the new iPhone XS.


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