Is Razer trying to penetrate the Chinese market?

A company plans a global event on 22 May in China


Razar Inc. an American gaming hardware company (stylized as RΛZΞR) mainly focuses on designing gaming hardware and introduced a smartphone which high-powered gaming gears and good for everyday use. The event was scheduled on 22 May 2018 and the poster is very unpredictable abut the product. With no clue one, a prediction that there is a light on the horizon and a smartphone horizontally placed.

Razer Blade, one of the lightest Gaming Laptop (15.6”)

Calling upon the competition from the well-established brands in Chine like Xiaomi and Nubia this Razer could have better plans. The background of the company is more about gaming hardware but it has already tried a hand on the smartphone which supports Netflix and other regular entertainment apps.The reason why this launch is so unpredictable is that Razor had already launched a smartphone six months back and who expects the second launch of an old phone. It’s going to be a tough rivalry, as Xiaomi is on the verge of launching Mi 7 and Mi 8 on the occasion of its anniversary while Razer which is equipped with Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm’s Flagship SoC just like Nubia.

Razer Gaming phone

Even though Razer phone is not the bezel-less phone,  it still will try to penetrate the China market. Nevertheless, you cannot predict if the event targets only China or the global smartphone market, hence updates will be available about the event.

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