Is Huawei Honor the First to Bring the New Smartphone Technology?

Huawei is certainly move into more realistic spheres with new innovations


Is Huawei planning the Mega Coup? At least as far as the announcements of its consumer division CEO are concerned, the Chinese company is reaching for the stars. The new smartphone of the Huawei subsidiary Honor will contain technology that is “very scary.” What could be behind the significant sayings?

The CEO of Huawei’s consumer electronics division, Yu Chengdong, does not seem to be a friend of soft tones. According to GizChina, after the launch of the Huawei P20, Chengdong announced even more significant “technical breakthroughs” for 2018. The P20’s triple camera had astonished the experts and reached a new record in a DxOMark test.

So, Yu Chengdong knows the height of the fall when he’s now detailing further developments. But it cannot stop him. According to a new GizChina report, the next breakthrough comes in June. Huawei is expected to launch the next smartphone of the company’s subsidiary Honor line, and their technique he best described as “very scary technology.” So, a scary big step forward?

It was a “major breakthrough” for Huawei’s 2018 technology and would “make time”, Yu said. The reason for the new user experience is not software, but the basic technology of the upcoming Honor device. The difference between traditional smartphones and those with the new technology is like “walking across the floor” compared to “flying through the air”. According to Yu, the technology is mature and ready for the market.


Artificial intelligence? What is Huawei planning?

But what drives the Huawei manager to such highs language? The expectations for the next Honor model have so far revolved around AI features or a particularly smart language assistant. Is Huawei doing a lot of work on the screw pace or is creating new possibilities?

After Yu pithy sayings that could almost be too little, especially since other smartphones and manufacturers in these areas are continually making progress.

Foldable smartphone with 8 inches?

According to the latest report by Android Authority, Huawei will cooperate with the display producer BOE to develop an 8-inch folding screen. If you believe the rumor, both development and production of the foldable model should be implemented at lightning speed. Huawei apparently wants to dispute Samsung’s triumph over the idea of the first foldable smartphone.

In fact, there are even more competitors in the race for the first foldable smartphone with a massive display. Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and Oppo may also cooperate with BEO and revive the folding variant of the mobile phone.

Would folding, rotating or folding smartphones in turn usher in the new era that Yu promises? Or is something so new that there is no name for it yet? In a few weeks, we will learn what Huawei and Honor mean by a “frightening technology”.

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