Huawei Unveils HUAWEI AI Cube, a Smart Speaker that Ships with Alexa and a 4G router

Huawei took advantage of the IFA 2018 to lift the veil on the amazing AI Cube, a connected speaker that looks like Google Home but is equipped with Amazon Alexa.


It seemed that the Google assistant had conquered many of the products presented at IFA 2018 that have this type of technology, but Huawei wanted to bet on Alexa for a product that combines the functions of a 4G router with a smart speaker.

Enter the Huawei AI Cube, a device that allows acting as a mobile access point (a “MiFi”) thanks to its SIM slot, but alsogives access to the capabilities of Alexa as an assistant for home control functions.


It’s funny how the name does not have much to do with the design of the speaker, more cylindrical than anything else and reminiscent to some extent to Google Home. Given its name, we would have appreciated an object that is really a cube. On the contrary, there is a rounded construction reminiscent of the standard Google Home and the Amazon Echo. Like the latter, the AI Cube integrates Alexa and all related features.

This format is what allows us to distribute the sound in all directions with a sound volume of 400 ml in volume, in which we also find a 360-degree voice recognition system to be able to address the integrated assistant from any location.

The router function is exploited thanks to the aforementioned SIM slot that gives access to networks with LTE Cat.6 connectivity (up to 300 Mbps download), and also has 802.11ac WiFi connectivity and dual-band so that several devices can be connected.

The installation of the router is intuitive and straightforward since it is enough to connect a 4G SIM card to establish a broadband Internet connection on an LTE category 6. With its dual-band router capable of operating on 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels and transmitting data on the LAN up to 1200Mbps, the Huawei AI Cube is also compatible with standard 802.11 Wi-Fi.


With regard to loudspeaker performance, the Huawei AI Cube has been created with a large 400-ml sound cavity and an aluminum diaphragm, allowing it to deliver high-quality sound at medium and high speeds, and integrate complete and balanced bass. Sound optimization is also made possible by the Huawei Histen audio solution, which adds virtual bass, a sound equalizer, an automatic gain tuning amplifier and remote voice recognition. In addition, the speaker has been designed so that the ports are hidden under the base (USB, Ethernet, and SIM).

Huawei highlights how this integration of Alexa gives access to 45,000 “skills” to take advantage of the power of the assistant, which allows us to ask everything, access to multimedia control or set alarms, among many other options. The compatibility with household devices such as connected plugs, light bulbs, thermostats or security devices makes that capacity even more interesting.

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