Huawei Trying to Beat Samsung in the Race of Infinity-O Screens

The world's two largest smartphone makers are apparently racing to see who can be the first to offer the customer a device with a hole in the display. While Samsung allegedly has the production of the appropriate panel recorded, a teaser of competitor Huawei reveals a device launch for next month.


Since the “notch” was popularized by the iPhone X last year, the whole market followed this trend, but that does not mean that consumers are fans of that idea. In fact, most of them complain about the “fringe” and manufacturers are looking for other solutions – such as retractable cameras and sensor concepts under the screen.

According to the South Korean industry portal ETNews, Samsung has recently begun manufacturing the first AMOLED displays that incorporate Infinity-O type panel. In the future, the front camera will probably be accommodated there without the need for a notch on edge.

Samsung used its developer conference in the US a few weeks ago to announce such displays as so-called “Infinity-O” displays. Previously, it was heard by some of the most trusted sources, such as the US journalist Evan Blass, that at least one variant of Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone would come with a hole in the display. The company has allegedly tried to keep the edge between the active part of the display and the actual cut out area as low as possible.


Huawei has put a lot of effort into pursuing Samsung, not only by the number of devices sold but also by the technologies used in them. The line of Huawei Mate 20 was obviously aimed at creating competition for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and all messages about the upcoming announcement of smartphones with a flexible screen inevitably pass under the question mark, which of the two companies will be the first.

It turns out that Huawei is also eyeing something similar and can even bring a product with that borderless design in December, ahead of the South Korean competitor. The tip comes from a teaser, released by the Chinese company itself on the Weibo social network and shared by the Ice Universe flusher.

Even before Samsung, Huawei already seemed to flirt with a “hole” display, so you do not know exactly who is “copying” the other. But the fact is that the first to launch is that it will cause greater initial noise. So, Huawei would be rushing to make a more modest debut in China alone before promoting a more robust product for global sales.

It remains to be seen now which will be the winner of this race in December. And you, what do you think of this idea of the hole on the screen to have a cell phone with more display area and no borders? Do you like or prefer the notch? It tells us there in the comments.

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