Huawei Says the Company is Targeting More than 200 Million Phone Shipments in 2018

During the seven years from 2013 to 2018, Huawei's mobile phone sales increased by 51 times.


Huawei at the launch of Nova 3i in July 2018 has announced that they have sold over 100 million smartphones at that time. Today, sharing further during the launch of Nova 4, Huawei is aiming to produce more than 200 million units of smartphones in 2018.

Through target and production of devices, the figure of 200 million units of the smartphone is expected to be reached on December 25, 2018. With this increase, it also shows that Huawei has doubled their production figures in just five months.

If the trend continues, it’s not impossible for us to see Huawei to be one of the world’s leading device manufacturers. Previously, the manufacturer from China has been aiming to become the leading device manufacturer beyond Samsung in two more years.

This year has been a blessed bag of blessings for Huawei. Earlier this year, the company was supposed to launch its first phone on the US AT&T network, but the deal failed. It is said that the failure is due to security issues raised by the US Senate.

The brick wall it met earlier this year could slow it down, but that did not stop Huawei from becoming the second-largest smartphone maker in the world in August, pushing Apple into third place in the market.

Huawei recently suffered another setback. The company’s chief financial officer, Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, also the daughter of its founder, Ren Zhengfei, was arrested in Canada for fraud in the United States. She has now released on bail with a bond but will appear in court in February.

Huawei phones have been praised for their features and design. The company’s latest flagship Mate Pro is one of the best camera phones released this year.


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