Huawei Mate Flex, Mate Flexi, Mate Fold and Mate F are Registered by Huawei as Potential Foldable Phones

Several names are already circulating to qualify the first foldable smartphone by the Huawei Group.


While Samsung has begun to unveil the Infinity Flex foldable AMOLED display that will power its first soft-screen smartphone, possibly called Galaxy F, the Huawei group is also preparing a first model whose display can be folded, transforming according to smartphone or tablet needs.

The company is in the process of registering and certifying patents and designations for future devices. Today, we discover the names of Mate Flex, Huawei Mate Flexi, Mate Fold and Mate F, which are associated with future folding phones.

The news comes shortly after LG has also recorded LG Foldi, Flex and Duplex. It is a kind of remote battle with variations of the words “Fold” and “Flex,” which will be rooted in the public consciousness as soon as this trend of the pliable takes off. Huawei applied for trademarks on 21 November at EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

Their application has been included by EUIPO in the global brand database. The record was made by an intermediary in Munich, the same as last week’s Huawei Honor. Huawei Mate F, Mate Flex, Mate Flexi and Mate Fold go into the “Category 9” section, which is smartphone category.


It is possible that the name ‘Huawei Mate F’ was only recorded as being the complete series. However, at this moment it remains pure speculation whether the first folding phone from the Chinese manufacturer will be named Huawei Mate Flex, Mate Flexi or Mate Fold.

In any case, you can now assume that the Huawei foldable smartphone will be placed within the high-end Mate series. It is, therefore, possible that the device will show similarities with the Mate 20 X introduced last month. This gaming smartphone features a 7.2-inch Full HD OLED display and a 5000mAh battery.

Foldable Huawei smartphone on MWC 2019

Last week, it was announced that Huawei would present its first foldable smartphone probably at the end of February 2019 on MWC 2019. An actual launch will follow in June 2019. The revolutionary device will also be the first Huawei smartphone that supports the 5G network.

According to the latest rumors, the foldable Huawei smartphone will be provided with a larger display than that of Samsung. There is the talk of an 8-inch flexible display when the device is fully unfolded. Once folded, you keep the disposal of a 5-inch display.

If Samsung has its own screens, Huawei will have to turn to the Chinese supplier BOE, and it remains to be seen if the two products will present a similar level of quality.

One thing is certain – the first Samsung and Huawei folding screen smartphones will be expensive and will initially be more of a technological demonstrator than a consumer product.

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