Huawei is Working on its Own Operating System

Attentive with Huawei and what would be its most ambitious project. An executive of the company came to confirm, without many details, that they are working on the development of their own operating system, The OS aims to replace Android in the not too distant future.


The Vice President and Head of Huawei Mobile, Bruce Lee, confirmed the company’s readiness to abandon Android in its own smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer is finishing the development of a proprietary operating system, which was created from scratch. Huawei also used its official profile on the Chinese social network, Weibo, to confirm the development of this alternative to Android.

It is not known if the executive refers to the rumored Kirin OS, from which information emerged in September. However, it is considered an important strategic move, since Huawei would be looking for greater independence in case of the situation with the United States.

Reason for the own OS

The reason why they are developing it now is for fear that a legal problem with the United States will prevent them from using Android on their phones. Huawei is preparing not to have more serious problems like those that ZTE faced with the United States.

There is a great possibility that the company will become the target of future embargoes and decisions of the Trump government regarding the restriction of the marketing of Chinese products in the North American country.


Bruce Lee confirmed to Android Headlines that the manufacturer has been working for some time to develop an alternative, independent ecosystem of Google services. According to the site, the decision of Huawei follows as background and should have no practical effect on the company’s products in the long term.

The alternative OS will serve to circumvent possible embargoes that Washington may lift against Chinese, such as ZTE, which is prohibited from selling and buying products from US suppliers because of investigations related to industrial espionage practices and illegal business practices on the ground American.

The Trump government has maintained a restriction against the Chinese, although the government has taken a number of steps to ensure that the trade embargo is not abruptly detrimental to ZTE, which could go bankrupt due to million-dollar contracts with other manufacturers and telecommunications companies, as operators, among other importers of semiconductors.

Focus on self-reliant

Huawei fears that the focus of the Trump government will soon be Chinese, as part of the United States’ efforts to weaken China’s industry that has threatened US global supremacy a few years ago. The market predicted the possibility of a third system.

Should the embargo fall on Huawei, the company will be able to keep its sales hot in Latin, European and above all in Asia, the largest and largest emerging market in the world. The brand has invested more in its HiSilicon subsidiary, which has expanded the manufacture of the Kirin processors used in its products.

Interestingly, this confirmation comes a few days after we learned that Huawei officially became the first manufacturer to be testing Fuchsia OS, the mysterious operating system that Google is developing. It would mean that Huawei has several fronts open and is prepared for all kinds of situations.

The alternative system, according to rumors, would have a proper name – Kirin OS. Huawei’s independence from Google would be lousy for the Mountain View giant’s business, but it may be politically necessary for China’s survival.

On the other hand, the new operating system would give way to start with a new range of products, which would not only cover mobile phones but wearables and even possible domestic devices, with which the company would begin to develop its own ecosystem.

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