Honor will Launch a Foldable Screen Smartphone in 2020

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress, George Zhao, the CEO of Honor, has delivered his plans to introduce advanced technologies, particularly foldable screens.


The 2019 edition of the Mobile World Congress will remain in the annals as the first event in which foldable-screen smartphones ready for commercialization have been announced.

Samsung opened the ball with its Galaxy Fold a few days before the show, Huawei impressed with the Mate X while TCL unveiled a series of prototypes equipped with its patented hinge DragonHinge. Some manufacturers, including OnePlus, have chosen to ignore this technology for the moment. Others, like Honor, are actively preparing for it.

In an interview with Cnet.com in Barcelona, George Zhao, CEO of Honor, confirmed that his company was planning to take the foldable smartphone screens.

“Yes, of course,” he said when asked if Honor would make its own foldable screen phone. For the moment, the boss of Honor highlights the prohibitive cost of these smartphones while his brand is primarily for a young clientele, but he also knows that prices will decline as production increases.

“For Honor, I think we will find a way to make this so our target customer can have a foldable phone. I think next year; next year … should be the moment.”

The Huawei Mate X has been for many the great surprise of the Mobile World Congress. A device that a few have been able to touch and that has impressed many for its practical design. When knowing its price at 2299 euros, the interest decays in chopped.


Fortunately for Honor, the strong relationship with parent company Huawei means that the company may not have to develop the technology from scratch. George Zhao said he was a fan of Mate X and how the screens are on the outside of the hinge rather than on the inside.

“Personally, I like this design,” he said. “Huawei and Honor you can consider like Volkswagen and Audi, so maybe for the engine, for the platform they can use the group technology.”

But before a foldable screen smartphone, it’s at the 5G that Honor will be interested.

“5G should be our next opportunity,” said Zhao. “This year we will definitely have a 5G product. The mass deployment to 5G customers will be the end of the year and 2020.”

Where Zhao is sure, he is able to offer a mobile with 5G. The CEO of Honor thinks that it should be a good opportunity and that they will definitely launch a mobile phone with this technology this year, indicating that it expects a massive deployment of 5G by the end of the year and beginning of 2020.

The year 2018 was a great year for Honor, as the manufacturer managed to deploy devices with a great quality/price ratio such as the Honor 8X and the Honor Play, as well as the Honor View 20.


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