Galaxy S10 and Foldable could be the Lifeline of Samsung in the Smartphone Market

Samsung continues to get very positive financial results; however, the smartphone section seems to be affected by the stagnation that is changing the whole category.


According to information published by the South Korean newspaper Korea Herald, Samsung executives are concerned about the company’s smartphone division. It is because, although it is still the world leader, the company has been losing ground to Huawei, Xiaomi, and other Chinese companies.

The head of the Samsung Electronics section, DJ Koh hopes that the launch of the upcoming Galaxy S10 and the first folding smartphone can overturn the situation, bringing new life to the sector.

The report is based on an alleged internal note to the company, in which Koh expresses regret for the current state of the smartphone division, committing himself to do his best to overcome the stalemate thanks to the two new products that should reach the market in the during the first quarter of 2019. According to some rumors, it seems that the division will undergo downsizing over the next few months and that the place of the same Koh is no longer so certain.


Rumor fueled by an alleged friction emerged with the deputy of the board of directors Samsung Lee Jae-Yong, who would have explicitly criticized Koh due to the loss of competitiveness of Samsung in the smartphone sector. In short, it seems that within the South Korean electronics giant there is discontent for the current situation.

Recently, Koh introduced to the world the first prototype of a foldable smartphone and commented on a series of news that the future Galaxy S10 should bring to market. However, knowing that his situation is not very good inside the company, he sent a letter in which he says: “sorry about the currently struggling status of the Samsung smartphone business and will do my best to overcome the crisis with the upcoming Galaxy 10 and foldable phones.”

Internal concerns

According to the newspaper’s source, despite the letter sent to the board and Samsung officials, Koh’s situation did not improve within the company.

“Koh’s letter seems to show how much Samsung’s situation is critical in the smartphone market. The atmosphere inside the company is very serious now since we have heard external criticism regarding our products,” said a Samsung executive on condition of anonymity.

So far, although internal information is leaking to the South Korean press, Samsung has yet to speak on the subject. Anyway, Koh continues working to present to the world a Galaxy S10 that should impress the market. While the foldable device – possible Galaxy F – has as its great mission to bring Samsung back to prominence in the smartphone market. However, Huawei may end up leading the way, something that concerns DJ Koh.

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