Tough yet cheap: Cubot King Kong 3

The Cubot King Kong 3 is as tough as a Gorilla


The company behind the “King Kong” line of rugged smartphones, Cubot, will be releasing the third generation of this series. The Cubot King Kong 3 is a waterproof (IP68-rated), sludge, and dust-proof phone capable of withstanding a myriad of abuse like scratches and the occasional drop (tested up to 1.5m high according to the company).

The video showcases a tough and solid-looking smartphone with a thick body and decent size at 5.5 inches. It’s powered by a Helio P23 SoC coupled with a decent 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. You’ll also get NFC, fingerprint sensor, USB type-C, IP68 waterproofing, a ridiculous 6000mAh battery with supplied fast charger (9A/2A).

The specs, while looking pretty good for the price, is not the highlight of the device. As the company’s website says, the Cubot King Kong 3 sets “The new benchmark of the rugged phone industry”.

Featuring a body made from high-strength polyester with 6-face anti-dropping protection, it can withstand most drops with ease. Water and splashes is not going to be an issue as well because its IP68 rating protects it even when submerged in the water (30 minutes at 1.5 meters). The “10-sealing process waterproof seal” ensures no liquid gets through even on the exposed parts like the earpiece and speakers. The company claims the Cubot King Kong 3 can work even in extreme temperatures. Their website boasts usability of the phone even at temperatures of -30 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius.

Is the Cubot King Kong 3 a good buy? If you’re someone looking for a tough and durable phone at a budget, this one looks like a strong contender.

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