Black Shark Skywalker? Xiaomi Executives Confirm New Gamer Device

Xiaomi is doing very well on the smartphone market. Its Black Shark brand has released two models so far, which have gained a lot of popularity.


Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun is very active in the Weibo social network. That’s because, after revealing some details about the Mi 9, it has now begun to provoke the public about a new smartphone of the Black Shark brand.

Recently, a device known as the Black Shark Skywalker passed benchmark testing and had some of its specifications revealed. This device has a Snapdragon 855 processor, 8 GB of RAM and already runs the Android Pie.

That’s why Lei Jun now asks Xiaomi fans “What are the expectations and suggestions for the Black Shark? I can tell the Black Shark team!” So, it seems, we’ll have some release soon.


After Jun published his teaser, Black Shark’s own president commented that his team is “working hard” on the news for 2019: “It’s too fast! It’s been 9 months since the official launch of the Black Shark game phone!… 2019 is also a new journey for the Black Shark team. For the beginning of the competition, we continue to work hard!”

Another Xiaomi executive also demonstrated at Weibo confirming that the Black Shark team is developing a brand-new smartphone: Xiaomi Product Director also shared a message on Weibo “Yesterday saw the new smartphone from Black Shark…its very cool.”

Probably the phone will be deprived of the X50 LTE modem and thus will not support the 5G network. However, this information is uncertain, so you should take it with a certain distance.

Black Shark is a brand aimed at players, so smartphones are equipped with the best equipment. We, therefore, expect the new model to have a Snapdragon 855 and up to 10 GB of RAM. What else would you expect from a gaming phone in 2019?

If the company follows the 2018 schedule, the new Black Shark Skywalker can be announced mid-March or April. So What suggestion would you give to a new Black Shark smartphone? Tell us about it here in the comments.


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