A Surface Monitor in 2020 and Andromeda from Microsoft in 2019?

For several years , Microsoft is also working on a 2-in-1 device that acts as both smartphone and tablet. This foldable phone project is called Andromeda.


The first foldable smartphone or a folding display, we have already seen, and it is the Samsung Galaxy F. Following this, we will probably see the idea of the Chinese colossus, Huawei with their Mate Flex series of phone. In addition to these, we already know that LG, Motorola, Sony, and others are working to avoid staying out of this particular niche of the large smartphone market.

It’s hard to say what will be the third to be presented, taking for granted that Huawei will be the second to present one, but new news suggests that it will be Andromeda. The latter is a Microsoft project and this name is not new at all, indeed it had appeared even before the rumors around the Samsung device.

It’s been a few months since we last heard about Microsoft’s Andromeda folding smartphone, but according to a book called “Beneath a Surface,” the technology company will be amazed by this groundbreaking device in 2019. We already have some interesting information on the functionality of the hybrid.

Microsoft would be working on a Surface brand monitor. These and many other rumors come directly from the new book “Beneath A Surface” in which Brad Sams tells some background of the evolution of the Surface products of the Redmond house since their origins.


In 2020, the Redmond house should announce a Surface monitor, but it will be quite sophisticated. It would not be a classic monitor but a modular version of the Surface Studio. The idea would be to make upgrades simpler without having to change the whole PC.

In the spring of 2019, a mysterious device dedicated to Cortana should also arrive, which could eventually bring the assistant of the house of Redmond into the houses. Brad Sams also mentions a growing frustration between Microsoft and Intel for the delay of the debut of the 10nm processors that will arrive in 2019. For this reason, the Redmond house would be looking around to evaluate the possibility of adopting the AMD solutions. A variant of the Surface Laptop with AMD processor could arrive in the fourth quarter of 2019. Microsoft would be considering the idea of using the AMD Picasso chips.

Also, in that period, Microsoft should bring to light a Surface Pro totally revisited with USB-C, smaller frames, rounded corners, and new color options. Towards the end of 2019, the much talked about Surface Andromeda should arrive. Unfortunately, it would not be the pocket LTE device that many had dreamed of. It will be bigger than what was initially rumored.


According to Brad Sams, Surface Book 2 should not be updated until the first quarter of 2019. Microsoft, however, is working on a new version of the zipper that has always characterized the opening and closing of this notebook.

Beyond that, Brad Sams notes that Microsoft is also working on two revisions for the Xbox One S console that will arrive in 2019. The first one does not have an optical reader and is designed to have a price as low as possible. The second will have the reader but is always thought to be economical. Microsoft also plans to offer a disc-to-digital exchange program that will allow players to transform their physical games into a digital license.

Obviously, this roadmap is subject to change. Some products may come later or even do not come to light. The year 2019 and 2020, however, would seem to be very interesting for the Surface world.

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