13 Smartphones Due Out in 2019 and Worth Keeping an Eye on

What can we expect for 2019? Although it is not possible to know everything that is coming in the next 12 months, some launches are practically guaranteed


The year 2018 certainly did not disappoint with technical innovations in the smartphone industry. The cameras on smartphones have reached a level of quality that allows most of us to simply take the device out of our pocket and make a good photo or video without relying on technical knowledge about photography.

Many brands worked on minimizing edges around the screen. Along with this, several other trends and features have emerged that have made 2018 a curious year, which may be remembered forever as the beginning of a small device format revolution.

With that in mind, what can we expect for 2019? Although it is not possible to know everything that is coming in the next 12 months, some launches are practically guaranteed and should continue to bring improvements to the smartphone market. It is worth mentioning that most of the images used are merely illustrative. With that in mind, check out the following key devices.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+


With the keeping the traditions, Samsung announced its new state-of-the-art S family devices as early as February (Feb 20) at MWC. In addition to all-powerful hardware and software, excellent cameras settings with variable apertures and a high-quality display, it is virtually guaranteed that the S10 and S10+ will skip the 2018 tradition of the notch to go straight to the point of placing the front cameras in small holes at the top of the display. By the end of the year, Samsung Note 10 may have come out and become Korea’s most exciting device, but there is not much left to talk about.

2. Huawei P30 Pro


The P20 Pro took much of the market by surprise because of its excellent use of a three-camera system in the rear, which enabled the device to take excellent photos. Early reports indicate that the P30 Pro should come with the Sony IMX607 sensor in its main lens, but we are curious to know what else the manufacturer will do to raise the quality of the device to even higher levels than the predecessor.

3. Xiaomi Mi 9


So far, very little information has been said about the successor to Xiaomi’s successful flagship Mi8, the cutting-edge model of the Chinese, but we can say that it must maintain the tradition of bringing cutting-edge hardware in an attractive finish, all at a very competitive price. If the manufacturer maintains a schedule similar to that of 2018, the Mi 9 should also give the faces before May finish.

4. OnePlus 7


The Chinese brand continues to showcase top devices year after year and has managed to be at the top of the list of favorite smartphone player. The latest model, the OnePlus 6T, includes trends such as the drop-shaped notch and the digital reader under the screen.

On the OnePlus 7, what we do know is that it will come with the Snapdragon 855 processor as confirmed by the company’s CEO and should be one of the first to rely on 5G connectivity – which will still take a long time to make a difference. We would also expect that OnePlus will launche a cheaper version focused on the 4G to cater mass market. Anyway, we should know more about the device at the end of May.

5. Samsung Galaxy foldable


After many years of rumors and speculation, 2019 may finally be the year that the Korean smartphone hybrid and foldable screen tablet will hit stores. A functional prototype was displayed veiled during the Samsung Developer Conference, and the expectation is that the finished version of the device will be released mid-year. It remains to be seen whether it will be functional enough to replace a notebook for heavier jobs and whether the price will not stop the investment from paying off.

6. Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Max


With the tradition of launching their new models only during holiday period (in September) and the habit of keeping the news about them as best they can, It is difficult to predict what will come in the new iPhones from the Apple. At the moment, the most popular speculations cite a mobile module for the triple setup camera, a small touch bar screen on the side of the iPhone and a stylus pen (as like Note 9) in the mold of Apple Pencil – all things with a high chance of being wrong.

7. Xiaomi Pocophone F2


The Pocophone F1 was, without a doubt, the biggest surprise of Xiaomi in the smartphone market in 2018. It combines all the premuium specifications that owe nothing to the high-end market at an throwaway low price. There are still no very reliable rumors about what we can expect for the successor of Pocophone, but it is unlikely that the brand will continue its success with imporvments in hardware. The likely release date of the Pocophone F2 is at the end of August.

8. Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL


Closing the list, we have the next top of the line Google, which are slated for release in October and, like iPhones, do not have concrete information for now. Possible references to them have been found within the ARCore development kit, which is used in the production of augmented reality applications. It indicates that their code names can be “Pretty” and “Sargo” (both fish names). With that, all we can hope for is that they have resources for AR experiments.

9. Motorola Moto G7, G7 Play, and G7 Plus


Motorola’s intermediate family continues to be one of the good-looking phones. So much so that there is already rumors that the official launch of the Motorola Moto G7, G7 Play, and G7 Plus in the first months of the year, probably before MWC 2019. We still have few confirmed things, but leaked specs suggest that the device’s hardware will be pretty decent.

10. ASUS Zenfone 6 Selfie, 6 and 6z


The ASUS Zenfone series is popular in some countries. In 2018, the company brought a smartphone with some of the best cost-benefit relationships in the launch price – especially in the top of the line, the 5z.

This year, the expectation is that the brand continues with its tactic of combining devices with good resources and aggressive values around here. Again, the MWC is a likely date for the announcement of the Zenfones.

11. Sony Xperia XZ4


Sony has been trying to reinvent itself since the XZ2 not to lose more weight in the end smartphone market, and as much as its features have quality do not come calling too much attention on the market. The MWC must also develop the gadget.

According to rumors, the Xperia XZ4 should come with the Snapdragon 855, 6GB of RAM and can count on bold measures by the manufacturer, presenting a display in the super stretched format of 21:9 without a notch, which would make it the screen of closer to the dimensions used in movies. There is even the possibility of the device coming with a facial recognition sensor that promises to outdo Apple’s FaceID.

12. LG G8 ThinQ


One of the G7 ThinQ’s differentials from the competition at the time it was released was that it kept its secondary camera open at the rear while most of the rivals bet on telephoto lenses. Since then, a lot has changed, but we still do not know much about what to expect from the upcoming LG flagship, which should at least incorporate the improvements we’ve seen in the V40 ThinQ (including its five cameras).

In addition, sources indicate that the G8 can rely on a technology that switches the front speaker through a system that makes the screen’s own glass emit sound. The launch is expected for the month of May.

13. Asus RoG Phone 2


The ASUS gamer smartphone drew a lot of attention for doing well to meet the needs of those who were willing to spend more to reach truly competitive levels in mobile gaming. The different design, the pretty powerful hardware, and the smart accessories also helped.

The brand has not even officially confirmed the successor’s existence, but Computex 2019 at the end of May would be a good time to launch.

And you, for which 2019 release are you most interested? Did you miss any smartphone coming in our list? Please help by leaving your feedback in the comments below.

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