Xiaomi Smart Body Scale: Unboxing and review


New Xiaomi Body Scale is smart fitness gear that makes it possible to measure not only user’s body weight, but also 10 other data such as bone mass, fat level and BMI. All measurements are then saved in a cloud, so no need to register anything with pen and paper! See our unboxing and discover another amazing smart device from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale: Unboxing

The parcel arrived in about three weeks, which is a reasonable delivery time, considering that it was sent during busy period of Christmas when all online stores have a lot of orders. The package was sent from Great Britain warehouse, which means it’s not subject to customs duties in European Union.

smart scale Xiaomi

Typically for GearBest, the box was properly protected from damage that might occur during transit. Inside you will find the scale itself and an additional cardboard box which contains manual booklet (available only in Chinese).

smart scale Xiaomi

You also can find basic information on the box: version, operating system available and power supply.

smart scale Xiaomi

Battery socket is located at the bottom and holds 4 x 1.5V AAA cells.

Xiaomi Smart Body Scale: Features

 Body Readings 10
 Weight Range 5-150 kg
 OS Android 4.4, iOS 8.0 or higher version
 Glass Material Tempered Glass
 Body Material ABS
 Accuracy 50 g
 Diplay Type LED
 Weight Units  jin, kg, pounds
 Battery 4 x AAA cells
 Weight 1.63 kg

smart scale Xiaomi

Xiaomi Smart Body Scale: Pros and cons


  • 10 kinds of physical readings to measure
  • Automatic data transfer to the cloud allows continuous and convenient access to measurements anytime
  • Supports up to 16 people on one Xiaomi account
  • Non-slip skidproof strips improves the friction
  • Elegant Xiaomi-style design that blends well with interior
  • Best bang for the buck


  • Silicone cover available separately


Measurement capabilities

The advanced BIA technology allows you to measure not only your body weight, but also ten other physical readings. Precise measurements are possible due to the low amperage current sent through the 304L stainless steel electrodes located on the surface. Data about adipose tissue, bones and muscles are analyzed and sent to the app. This includes not only body weight, but also body water level, visceral fat, adipose tissue, BMI (calculated on the basis of your size entered in the app), muscle mass, metabolic rate and bone mass. Results are displayed and presented with comments in the app, which makes it easy to interpret the results.

The final result is summarized by Mi Fit  sofware that will indicate your figure type (like “obese”, “underweight” “balanced”) and advises what should you do to improve overall fitness. In addition, because the results are stored in the cloud on your Xiaomi account, you always have access to your body readings, so even if you change smartphone or scale you won’t lose previous data. Another interesting feature is anonymous comparison with other users in the same country, so you can see if you weigh less or more than average user of your age and height.

smart scale Xiaomi

Control and Mi Fit app

If you just want to weigh yourself, step on the scale and you total mass will appear on the LED display. By default, the weight is displayed in Chinese jin units, but you can switch it to the kilograms or pounds in the app settings. The manufacturer also points out that weighing should be carried out barefooted, as this ensures undisturbed body readings.

Mi Fit app is available as a free application in the Google store or the App Store and you need to pair the device first with your phone via a Bluetooth connection. To do this, start the app, create a new Xiaomi account or use an existing one and follow the instructions on the screen. You will also need to provide your age, height and gender. Importantly, the application has been completely translated into dozens of languages, including English and you can switch language in app settings.

smart scale Xiaomi


There are quite a few smart scales on the market, but this one is possibly the best device of this type, because it provides a wide range of measurements and features excellent and easy to use app available available in a variety of languages. It is very well made with a tempered glass cover and a hard ABS plastic casing, with non-slip pads on top and bottom. The ability to carry up to 16 profiles in one Mi Fit account guarantees that your whole family will be able to use it. A great gift idea especially for people who care about their health and well-being!


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