Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 2nd Generation: A breath of fresh Air


There are many factors that affect the quality of the air in our homes: allergens such as pollen and animal hair, cigarette smoke, outside pollution. In turn, what we breathe affects our health and well-being to a high degree. So if you want to get some breath of fresh air, it’s good to invest in a reliable and efficient second generation Xiaomi Air Purifier that has a digital pollution monitor and can be controlled by a smartphone.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier: Features

 Working area 21-37 m2
 Purification capacity 310 cubic meters per hour
 Maximum power 29 W
 Standby power 2 W
 Sensor Laser PM2.5 sensor
 Connectivity WiFi
 App Android, OS
 Weight 4.45 kg
 Size 24.00 x 24.00 x 50.00 cm
 Box contents 1 x Air Purifier, 1 x Filter, 1 x Power Cord

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier: Pros and Cons


  • Produces lots of clean air, need just 10 minutes of work to clean the air in single room
  • PM2.5 particle monitor controls the operation and adjusts working mode
  • Control by a smartphone or buttons on the cover
  • Simple operation and easy filter replacement
  • Low noise and high energy efficiency
  • Has a night mode


  • Not that small

Air filtration and purification

Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S is an extremely efficient device that will clean the home atmosphere of all unwanted particles, especially bigger ones like PM2.5. It filters dust, smog from the outside, various allergens and plant pollen, troublesome for those who suffer allergy. The CADR parameter, that is the amount of fresh air supplied, is 310 m3 h, which allows cleaning a 21 m2 room in just 10 minutes. The manufacturer recommends one Xiaomi Air Purifier for an area of 37 m2 for the most efficient work, but it can be used effectively in larger apartments.

Highly effective air cleaning is implemented by a three-layer filter consisting of a base layer, HEPA layer and an active carbon layer, the same you’ll find in gas masks. It combines mechanical, chemical and biological filtration, making it possible to obtain optimal protection against pollution. Air is filtered at 360 degrees, which means that you can put it anywhere in your home, although you’ll get best results if you put it in some central point, like in large living room or in a corridor.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier


Xiaomi Air Purifier is very easy to use. It has a display and buttons on the casing, allowing you to turn the device on and select working mode. Standard mode makes the device works on the basis of guidelines indicated by the user in the app and the automatic mode operates in accordance with the indication of the PM2.5 sensor, by automatically adjusting amount of air filtered as needed. Additionaly, there is a special night mode, which make it work very quietly, and that reduces the intensity of the LED display, so you can sleep soundly.

Dedicated app available for smartphones with Android or iOS enables a more detailed control. You can check level of pollution in real time, displayed in the app in the form of historical data, as well as remotely control the device and scheduling its work. The app will also present its own suggestions on how to most efficiently run this air purifier. The connection to the WiFi network provides the ability to control it wherever you are. The HEPA filter should be replaced once every 3-6 months and spare filters can be purchased at GearBest. Replacement is very simple and takes no more than 5 minutes.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier

Other features

Xiaomi Air Purifier has its own internal power supply and it is energy-efficient. In standby mode it consumes only 2W of power, while at maximum power no more than 29W. White housing is kept in a minimalist style that Xiaomi has accustomed us to, and its universal modern design should suit any room. Clear OLED display is located on the front, displaying current PM 2.5 level, as well as temperature, humidity, wireless connection status and working mode.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier


Good health and well-being is the most important thing and it’s worth much more than a new smartphone or tablet, so if you are wondering what to buy next, we recommend this Xiaomi Air Purifier. This reliable device will certainly take its place in in smokers’ homes and can aid in respiratory ailments treatment. Available with free shipping on GearBest starting at $160.

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