Xiaomi Philips Zhirui Bedside Lamp: Unboxing and Review


Xiaomi and Philips are the perfect couple when it comes to smart lighting. Philips, formerly Dutch, now Chinese-owned one of the world’s biggest lighting manufacturer provides quality LEDs, while Xiaomi gives its know-how regarding intelligent gear and its staple elegant design. The latest Xiaomi Philips Zhirui is a unique bedside RGB lighting, allowing you to create any mood at home on a request by choosing color and intensity of light.

Xiaomi Philips Zhirui Lamp: Unboxing

Lamp was delivered in a slightly battered box, but its insides are perfectly protected by a heavy cardboard, so you don’t have to worry about its contents. Aesthetically pleasing white box typical for Xiaomi devices is inprinted with parameters, including network and phone OS requirements for app control.

Some power supply information and certificate logos on the bottom. It’s mounted on thick gray rubber, which helps stabilizing the lamp and prevents toppling.

You can see USB Type-C power port in this close-up. Note double glass shade that the lamp is covered with. It looks impressive, but wait until we power it off…

Beige color looks sensational, gives you enough light to read, but at the same time is not too bright, because the lighting is effectively dispersed over the entire length of the shade. Perfect relaxation setup!

Just rotate the shade to get this calming green with stepless color regulation…

xiaomi philips zhirui smart lamp

… or twist it a bit more so you can get moody pink. You can choose from full RGBW palette and get any color you want. Possibilities are endless.


Power12 W
ModesNight, Wake, Scene presets
ControlButton, shade rotation, app
Power supply5V, USB Type-C
Color temperature1700K-6500K
WiFiIEEE 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz
Weight, Size1 kg, 10.80 x 10.80 x 22.50 cm
Box contents1 x Lamp, 1 x Power supply, 1 x Chinese manual

Pros and Cons


  • As much a lamp as an interior design accessory
  • Pick any color you want
  • App contains even more settings and lighting modes
  • Can wake you up or lull to sleep with gradual decrease or increase in light intensity
  • Cable can be unplugged
  • WiFi and Bluetooth control can work in pair with sensors and other smart devices in Xiaomi Smart Home app


  • Manual is in Chinese
  • No internal battery

Lighting modes

Because LEDs are made by Philips you can be sure that their durability and quality will be top notch, and complete set consists of 24 multi-colored LEDs that have a total power of 12 W. Zhirui lamp can display any of the 16 million colors from RGB palette and it can also autoadjust lighting level according to its light sensor readings. LEDs provide a durable and ecological source of light and unlike ordinary lightbulbs, they can work continuously for thousands of hours. Power is provided by a standard 5V smartphone charger, and although there is no built-in battery, it’s possible to plug out the cable and connect a power bank – preferably high capacity one. It’s designed for the bedroom and living room, and therefore certainly it’s not suitable as a desk lamp, but the intensity of lighting is sufficient enough that you can read a book or work on your PC with just this light.

xiaomi philips zhirui smart lamp


Controls are simplified but efficient and you can set lighting parameters done with just a single button and clever solution of rotating lamp shade. The following options are available:

  • Rotating the shade causes a stepless brightness change. Maximum LED power is 12W, which corresponds to approximately 60W for old bulbs.
  • Rotating the shade and pushing the button at the same time causes a stepless color change. The RGBW palette provides a choice of every visible color. If you want to pick a specific color you can set it through an app.
  • Click the button to turn the power on and off.
  • Double click to switch from warm sunlight to RGB color mode.
  • Press for three seconds to activate the night mode, which automatically adjusts the lighting.

In addition, the Xiaomi Yeelight app provides even more extensive controls. To download the app for iOS or Android, scan the QR code that you will find in the manual. Application settings allow users to set any color they want from 16 million color palette and gain access to additional modes, like night mode, wake-up mode (which gradually increases the intensity at the selected time) and scene presets, such as “romantic evening” or “warm house”. Zhirui lamp supports not only WiFi but also Bluetooth connection, so you can control it directly, outside the home wireless network.

Design and build quality

Zhirui Lamp was made in an unusual cylindrical shape with 24 LEDs hidden behind a shade that consists of two layers: the inner one made of milky glass and the outer one made of transparent plexi. This combination provides even lighting diffusion, regardless of the chosen color and light intensity. The control button is integrated into the upper part of the case, and the only decorative element is the Philips logo, located at the bottom of the lamp. Overall, it looks minimal as befits typical Xiaomi design and it gives the impression of absolutely premium device that will blend perfectly into any interior environment. The lamp is heavy, weighs 1 kilogram so it won’t topple easily, and the bottom is covered with rubber for better adhesion.

Another clever design solution is cable that can be unplugged. This detachable USB Type-C interface is powered through standard 5V power supply. There is also light sensor used by some lighting modes. As is the case of many other Xiaomi devices intended for East Asian markets, power supply has Chinese plug, so it might be necessary to buy the adapter available for just few bucks at online stores.


Xiaomi Philips Zhirui is the perfect lamp to place bedside or in the living room. An infinite number of colors to choose from, stylish look and simple lighting controls make it a suitable addition to any smart home. This modern intelligent lighting has only minor drawbacks. There are no instructions in English (the application is however completely translated), it’s provided with a Chinese power plug (an EU or US adapter is needed) and it lacks built-in battery, but that doesn’t affect our final rating which is A+!


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