Philips Sonicare Elite + Sonic Toothbrush: Unboxing


Sonic toothbrushes provide completely new way of taking care of oral hygiene: they effectively clean spaces between teeth and help to get rid of plaque. New Philips Sonicare Elite+ is one of the best sonic toothbrushes we’ve ever seen, and on top of that it’s not expensive. Discover what’s in the box and read our review.

Philips Sonicare Elite +: Unboxing

Philips Sonicare Elite+

Standard cardboard box is printed with the most important specifications on the side, including version number – either HX3226 / 22 – blue, or HX3226 / 41 – pink. Its contents are protected by a styrofoam form inside the packaging

Philips Sonicare Elite+

Box also includes a manufacturer’s warranty and manual in Chinese and English. Importantly, the manual is quite comprehensive and explains how to use the toothbrush, provides tips for effective oral hygiene, and also describes how to properly care for this device and clean it.

Philips Sonicare Elite+

As you can see in this close-up, the toothbrush is provided with Chinese type plug, so to connect it to European or US outlet, adapter is required (available at GearBest or other online stores for just a few bucks). Set also includes two spare brush heads.


 Speed31 000 vibrations per minute
 Voltage110-220 V
 Battery indicatorLED
 Battery typeNiMH
 Working timeUp to 10 days
 Box size22.00 x 5.00 x 2.00 cm
 Weight400 gram
 Box contents 1 x Sonic Toothbrush, 1 x Charger, 1 x Manual, 2 x Brush heads

Pros and Cons


  • Removes 3x more plaque than a non-powered manual toothbrush
  • Large battery capacity allows 10 days of work
  • Totally waterproof  with IPX7
  • EasyStart system makes it easy to streamline the transition from manual toothbrush
  • Helps whiten teeth
  • Excellent capabilities for the price


  • Bulkier than a regular toothbrush
  • No Bluetooth connection

Philips Sonicare Elite+

How does it work?

Your ordinary manual toothbrush cleans teeth and gums with a limited efficiency only. Sonic toothbrush creates a unique dynamic cleaning action thanks to the concentrated stream of ultrasound that drives toothpaste deep between teeth for a precise-yet-delicate clean. This reduces gingivitis and helps get rid of plaque.

According to Philips’ research, Sonicare Elite+ removes 3 times more plaque than an ordinary manual toothbrush, and that says a lot about its effectiveness. It also has a teeth whitening effect, helping you get a shiny, bright smile. Its motor runs at 31 000 vibrations per minute, so you can count on really thorough oral cleaning here.

Philips Sonicare Elite+

Battery and operation

By pressing the button located on the cover, you activate two minute brushing cycle. Then, every 30 seconds, the toothbrush notifies the user by vibration when it’s time to move to next quadrant of the mouth.

First time users can feel some discomfort when brushing their teeth with a toothbrush that uses ultrasonic technology, due to strong motor vibrations. For this reason, the designers have equipped it with the EasyStart system. For the first 14 uses, it gradually increases brushing force, streamlining transition from ordinary manual brush until you get used to it.

Solid (though heavy) non-removable NiMH battery allows about 10 days of work on a single charge. Maximum power consumption is only 1.4 W, so Sonicare Elite+ is definitely energy-saving device, and it’s also advertised as “Philips Green Product”, which means it provide significant environmental improvement. Recharging is easy – just put it on the charging base, and it will automatically power up the cell.

Brush head can be exchanged by pulling it from the handle and inserting a new one. You can buy original Philips Sonicare head or use universal replacements available on GearBest. Philips recommends replacing the head after 3 months of use – just like any ordinary toothbrush. Each head also comes with replaceable travel cap.

Philips Sonicare Elite+


This is the latest version of Philips toothbrush from successful Sonicare Elite series, which introduces improvements such as a curved head angle, allowing you better reach for back of the gums or an ergonomic shape of brush handle for perfect fit that allows comfortable brushing.

There is no Bluetooth connection and smart features here, like the one you’ll find in Xiaomi devices, but frankly, checking brushing stats or getting notifications about brush head change on your smartphone is rather superfluous and it’s not a deal breaker. Philips is one of the first manufacturers of sonic toothbrushes and this experience is definitely visible in many qualitites that Sonicare Elite Plus posesses. Try switching to a sonic toothbrush once and you’ll never want to go back to your old, manual brush.  Have a beautiful smile!

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