JMGO M6 Portable Projector: Your own Home Cinema set


JMGO M6 projector

If you don’t feel comfortable in a stifling cinema hall full of strangers or maybe you don’t like waiting in queue for theater tickets, we have a great news for you: new JMGO M6 is a high-end projector that will allow you to play movies straight from your smartphone, turning your bedroom into a real home cinema. This portable device is easy to use and displays video in excellent quality. See what JMGO M6 can actually do and why it is a great alternative to other movie projectors.

JMGO M6 Portable Projector: Features

 Display type DLP
 Resolution 854 x 480 px
 Brightness 200 ANSI lumens
 Throw distance 0,5 – 3 m
 Screen size 30 – 120 inch
 Image scale 16:9
 Other features 3D, Speaker, WiFi
 Lamp power 22 W
 Noise 30 dB
 Size 19.40 x 10.20 x 2.90 cm
 Weight 0,5 kg
 Box contents 1 x Projector, 1 x Remote controller, 1 x Power supply

JMGO M6 Portable Projector: Pros and cons


  • Bright lamp that ensures cinematic movie quality
  • Android 7.0 and 8GB internal memory allow you to install additional apps and extends its capabilities
  • Quiet – only 30 dB
  • Support 3D videos
  • Lots of playback options – play videos from smartphone, internal memory, external devices, via WiFi and more


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Direct smartphone connection is not yet compatible with iPhone X and iPhone 8.

JMGO M6 portable projector

Playback options

JMGO M6 features a powerful high-intensity lamp, ensuring excellent image quality and intense, saturated colors that will give you real cinematic experience. Although the resolution does not seem to be especially high, image sensor DLP technology has a positive effect on the display quality, which allows you to enjoy movies.

Internal speaker sounds quite good and what’s important, unlike in many other projectors movie soundtrack won’t be overpowered by the noisy fan, which runs here only at a 30 dB. The device can read a plethora of available file formats and you can play older video files encoded by MPEG1 and the latest one, such as VP9 codecs. Subtitles from external .sub or .srt files are also supported. Thanks to the fast WiFi connection and the ability to install apps of your choice from Google Store, you can also play movies from Netflix, Youtube, Amazon TV and other VOD services. Remote controller that allows easy navigation through the menu is also included in the box.

JMGO M6 portable projector

Service and interface

The projector is controlled via the Android 7.0 operating system, so you can easily add more software such as a new video player or additional codecs. Decent performance is accomplished through a  quad-core Mediatek processor and 1 GB RAM, which ensures a smooth HD video playback. There is only 8 GB of internal memory, but you can attach external drive to USB port expanding the amount of available space.

The most interesting feature distinguishing this gear from other projectors is a special slot with a magnetic Micro USB and Apple Lighting ports. All you have to do is put the phone on the port to connect it to the projector, and it will display the same image as the smartphone. Thanks to this feature, you do don’t have to store movies in the projector’s internal memory and you can fully use the phone’s memory card. However, the manufacturer warns that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 is not yet compatible with this feature, but this is going to change during firmware update. Another notable feature is HDMI port that makes it possible to connect this projector to many other devices, including PS4 or Xbox game consoles.

The JMGO M6 projector is a real treat for movie fans. It’s also very easy to use, with the option of directly connecting the phone to display multimedia files. It also has an elegant appearance and brings to mind the best Xiaomi or Apple design and will look great in any living room. If you are looking for reliable and well-made equipment that will allow you to enjoy movie theater videos in your home, we recommend you JMGO M6. A cinematic feast for every film-lover!

JMGO M6 portable projector

Where to buy it?

The JMGO M6 portable projector is available on GearBest with free shipping worldwide. Moreover the first 100 buyers can get it at a special, reduced price of $369, using the discount coupon “JMGM6”, and in addition you will receive  free 3D glasses and a mini tripod that nicely complement this set. Buy it now on GearBest to take advantage of this offer!


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