ILIFE V7s Plus: Smart Vacuum Cleaner


Intelligent vacuum cleaners are getting better with each new model and the latest V7s Plus is the best ILIFE gear we had the opportunity to test. Highly effective in vacuuming and mopping floors, very efficient sensors and a powerful battery are just some of the advantages of this smart home equipment. Read more to discover why you should buy it now.

ILIFE V7s Plus: Specs

 Cleaning modes Auto, Edge, Spot, Schedule
 Motor power 22 W
 Vacuum pressure 400 Pa
 Working time  110 – 120 minutes
 Battery 2600 mAh
 Noise 68 dB
 Size 34.00 x 34.00 x 8.40 cm
 Box contents 1 x V7s Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ( Battery Included ), 1 x Remote Control, 1 x High Efficiency HEPA Filter, 1 x 1.5m Power Adapter ( 100 – 240V ), 1 x Charging Base, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Side Brush, 1 x Mop, 1 x Mop Bracket, 1 x Water Tank, 2 x AAA Battery ( for Remote Control ), 1 x Multi-language User Manual

ILIFE V7s Plus

ILIFE V7s Plus: Pros and Cons


  • Cleans floors efficiently with a 400 Pa vacuuming engine
  • Water tank makes it possible to mop the floor
  • Large battery capacity ensures that it can handle even big apartments
  • Four sensors provide protection against falling downstairs
  • I-Dropping technology prevents flooding your carpets and hardwood floors with water
  • Overcomes bumps and obstacles up to 15 degrees


  • A bit louder than other smart vacuum cleaners

Cleaning capabilities

This smart vacuum cleaner effectively selects the right path to vacuum even large flats, without omitting any room. It’s slightly louder than other recently released vacuum cleaners, but this is mainly due to the strong 400 Pa engine that gives it a lot of cleaning power to absorb dust and debris.

ILIFE V7s Pro can also wet clean your floor. 300 ml water tank is sufficient for a full cycle of cleaning, up to 100-150 m2. The “i-Dropping” function protects your hardwood and carpet from flooding by correctly dosing the water to the attached mop and closing the valve when the vacuum cleaner isn’t moving. There is also sensor which prevents the vacuum cleaner from running without the tank being installed.

ILIFE V7s Plus

Control and appearance

The control is very simple and you just need to push the buttons on the casing or on remote controller. There are four modes to choose from: automatic; point – allowing you to work around a specific place, for example when the sugar spills onto the floor; spot; edge and schedule – cleaning can be set at a specific time, so it can be done while you’re away from home. After finishing work, the device returns to the charger by itself and waits for your next orders.

As for the appearance, it looks really standard for a smart vacuum cleaner and it does not stand out. It is round and has a low profile, which allows access to places that could not be cleaned with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. There are two types of brushes at the bottom: one grabs and another absorbs dust into the tank, which allows optimal cleaning.

ILIFE V7s Plus

Battery and sensors

2600 mAh lithium-ion battery is exceptionally good and allows operation for 110-120 minutes on a single charge, so that ILIFE V7s Plus can cover even a very large area. This intelligent vacuum cleaner has 11 sensors, four of which are responsible for making sure that the device does not fall off the stairs. The remaining ones detect the presence of the charger, so it can easily return to the base after the work has finished or when the battery is running out.

ILIFE V7s Plus


ILIFE V7s Plus vacuum cleaner is a super handy helper for busy people who don’t have much time for household duties. High cleaning efficiency achieved thanks to the powerful motor makes it suitable even for a large apartment and it will not only vacuum dust, but also wet wash wooden floors and ceramic tiles. The included remote control and 4 operating modes to choose from reduce its handling literally to the pushing of the button and emptying water tank/dust bin. It’s nice to have more time while this smart gadget is cleaning the floor by itself. Now, if only ILIFE could came up with a robot that cooks dinners or takes care of kids…


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