Deerma DX800S: Versatile Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

New Deerma upright vacuum beats both robotic cleaners and standard vacuum cleaners in terms of versatility


Traditional vacuum cleaners are large, heavy and cumbersome and robotic vacuum cleaners while smart, aren’t able to get everywhere. So if you are looking for a light and reliable device with lots of accessories for the jobs like cleaning shelves and vacuuming table tops and hard-to-reach angles without much effort, check this new Deerma DX800S multifunctional dust buster.


Pressure14000 Pa
Motor power600 W
Dustbox capacity0,8 l
Noise< 78dB
Cable5 m
Motor frequency38 500 rpm
FilterQuadruple HEPA ladder filter
Size80.00 x 30.00 x 20.00 cm
Weight3,5 kg
Box contents1 x Vacuum Cleaner, 1 x Connector Tube, 1 x Main Brush, 1 x Strap, 1 x Brush, 1 x Long Flat Brush, 1 x Hose, 1 x Small Soft Brush, 1 x Chinese Manual

Deerma DX800S Vacuum Cleaner

Pros and Cons


  • Very powerful 600 W engine
  • Can clean surfaces inaccessible for ordinary vacuum cleaners
  • Really light and has a shoulder strap for carrying
  • Filters are easy to maintain
  • Electrostatic brush eradicates mites
  • Numerous accessories in the box


  • No battery – powered straight from electrical outlet


This vacuum cleaner can work in two modes – standard upright, designed for vacuuming wooden floors and carpets, or manual with vertical pipe disconnected to reduce weight. The latter mode can be used to clean higher surfaces, such as furniture counters, cabinets or even ceilings. The main brush has a large adsorption surface of 48 cm², that makes it easy not only to vacuum dust but also larger trash, like paper scraps, rice, beans, etc.

Robust engine generates a negative pressure of 14,000 Pa and operates at 48 500 rpm, which allows efficient removal of debris and dust that is gathering inside dustbin through HEPA filter. This quadruple ladder filter has a cotton coating and a very fine steel mesh, retaining 0.03 mm or bigger particles inside. The filter is reusable and is really simple to maintain – after finishing vacuuming just empty it and possibly wash it under the tap. Despite the high vacuuming power, the motor is not that noisy and it operates in less than 78 dB.

Deerma DX800S Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning accessories

Aside from the main vacuuming brush we get a lot more of useful accessories to help us crack down on dust and trash in our home. Box includes also a smaller electrostatic brush for non-floor surfaces, such as sofas or chairs, cushions or blankets. The electrified brush bristle will not only attract dust, hair or animal fur, but will also act antibacterial and kill allergenic mites. It works particularly well on fabric surfaces.

2 cm long soft brush is intended for cleaning delicate surfaces that you don’t want to scratch, such as soft plastic, leather, car seats, and even windows and glass table tops. And if you would like to reach narrow spaces between the furniture and the corners, you can use a small, flat tip, that is also well-suited for cleaning window blinds. There are two types of this small brush – one flat and the other cut at an angle.

Deerma DX800S Vacuum Cleaner

Design and build quality

While traditional vacuum cleaners are heavy and bulky, the Deerma DX800S is surprisingly light and you can lift it to reach the ceiling, sweeping away cobwebs and dust. It even has a special strap, so you can put it on your shoulder, making it easy to carry it around the house. Retractable 5-meter power cord facilitates movement, though it has no battery like other upward cleaners.

It’s enclosed in a solid casing made of hard PVC in white and it’s resistant to accidental hits on the table legs or walls, and we’re positive that it should serve you well for many years without failure.

Deerma DX800S Vacuum Cleaner


Deerma DX800S is an almost ideal vacuum cleaner – it’s strong, lightweight and allows you to clean normally inaccessible surfaces effortlessly. The only drawback might be the corded power supply because it lacks a battery. A 600 W motor, however can’t be effectively powered up by a cell, so it’s not something that can be rectified – you either get high vacuuming force or battery power supply. Anyway, there is no denying that Deerma DX800S is one the best vertical vacuum cleaners you can get from Chinese online stores.

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