Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Appears in Leaked Commercial

Samsung Vietnam released the promotional video of the foldable smartphone for a short time.


Samsung scored Galaxy UNPACKED 2019 for the February 20, when it should announce the new Galaxy S10 and also its long-awaited foldable smartphone. And, it seems, the flexible screen laptop has just been revealed in a commercial “leaked” on an official channel of the company.

The Vietnamese branch of Samsung has posted on YouTube a video promoting and outlining the company’s future full of products. And among monsters of the future, “Minority Report” style panels and conventional gadgets, you can see someone using a foldable smartphone. A few hours after the video was leaked, Samsung deleted it from the web, but Slashleaks shared it again on YouTube.

The device was shown last November during the company’s developer conference, but many details were not given, generating great expectations about the terminal. There is no special highlight or information about the device, but you can see that it is a different model from the prototype presented last year. In the video, the smartphone apparently has front and back screens.

The first impression was somewhat controversial since the width was somewhat disproportionate for one-hand use, which resembled more a tablet than a mobile device. With this video, we could be contemplating the final version of the first of the several phones with collapsible smartphones that we hope to see this month at MWC 2019 starting with Huawei’s foldable phone.

Is this the model planned by Samsung for this year? Or is the video device just a figment of what might come in the future, as is basically the bulk of the commercial? You’ll have to wait for February 20th. Let us know what you think in the comment below.

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