Samsung will Challenge DJI, Sets to Enter Drone Market

We will soon be looking at Samsung as a future DJI competitor. Exactly the best-known company in the world in the segment of drones.


Samsung may be considering entering the drone market, a breakthrough among its direct competitors. It would not be the first time Samsung has been looking for more technology in comparison to its competition, as is the case with its holographic display capable of displaying 3D images in the air.

Although the information is very scarce, it seems that the South Korean company is preparing to enter unknown territory. According to the latest patent, Samsung is preparing or working on a drone very similar in design to those of DJI.

That makes the South Korean giant the first smartphone maker to consider making drones competitively seriously. Still, the patent would be a transformable drone; any manufacturer does not yet do something.


The drone arms can retract into the body; it will have several specific sensors. In addition to the camera, there would be a gyroscope (used to assist helicopters in its navigation), a barometer, ultrasonic sensor, temperature, light, and ultraviolet.

In the patent, Samsung writes: “An aspect of the present disclosure provides a transformable drone in which an arm for fixing a propeller can be folded and unfolded against the main body (or an airframe) which may provide a transformable unmanned aerial vehicle which combines portability and flight performance through a transformable main body (or an airframe).”

In addition, the drone would include common technologies such as wireless control via smartphone, tablet or computer. The company even claims that it could be controlled by any electronic device, including appliances such as a washing machine or a refrigerator.

In the patent, Samsung cites that while UAVs were historically developed and used in view of military interests and needs, the addition of a camera to the drones resulted in commercial popularity as well.


With the popularity of drones growing every day, the segment remains too limited to offer. For example, Xiaomi is one of the brands that invest in this segment and has a very acceptable quality.

However, Samsung has an advantage in its favor. Since the brand also creates ISOCELL’s photographic sensors, video image quality is likely to be a serious competitor to DJI’s drones.

Although in the last drones of the brand DJI has used Hasselblad lenses, it continues to be an addition to the value of the drone’s lenses required of other companies. Samsung could lower the manufacturing price of the drones if you invested in your lenses for the drone.

It is not Samsung’s first patent for drones, but it sure is the most promising. Patents began in 2016, and this would be the fifth only in 2018. South Korea also dethroned IBM as the company with the highest number of patents in the United States.

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