Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 is Official and Promises Super Performance in the Mid-range Smartphones

Qualcomm has announced its new processor for mid-range smartphones, the Snapdragon 712 designed to obtain better performance in multimedia tasks.


The mobile manufacturers put their catalogs ready for the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and the components do not miss the opportunity to continue evolving. It is the case of Qualcomm, which has just launched a new processor direct to its mid-range, and which becomes the company’s most powerful second-row chip.

This is the new Snapdragon 712, which becomes part of line 700 of the North American manufacturer and maintains some similarities with the Snapdragon 710, the former first member of the 700 families. But let’s calmly see each of its characteristics.

A little more speed, also in the load

Observing the specifications of the new Snapdragon 712 gives the feeling that nothing has changed with respect to the 710, but there has been evolution. Qualcomm has slightly updated the maximum speed of its cores and has taken a step forward in the field of fast charging, now adopting the Quick Charge 4+ instead of the Quick Charge 4 of the previous model.

The new Snapdragon 710 bet again for a FinFET construction in 10 nanometers, and is equipped with eight Kryo 360 cores that now run at 2.3GHz instead of 2.2GHz as in the Snapdragon 710. The graph is still the Adreno 616, and here there is no change of power or number of cores, so there will be a technical draw in the graphics section of both processors.


There are also no variations in the ISP Spectra 250, as the Snapdragon 712 still supports dual cameras of up to 20 megapixels per sensor, or simple cameras up to 32 megapixels. Even the connectivity is identical, with the Snapdragon X15 on board to offer 4G of category 15 with up to 800Mbps download and 150Mbps upload speed.

There are variations in the fast charge, which is now Quick Charge 4+, a small step forward that puts the line of Qualcomm 700 up to date at the moment. The processor also has the DSP Hexagon 685 to perform artificial intelligence tasks.

Faster load

Although the jump to its predecessor is not huge, we have to say that the clock frequency of this model is greater than that of the 710. It will use the same eight-core architecture Kyro 260 but at 2.3 GHz and maintains its GPU, the chip in charge of the graphics, in the Adreno 616. The RAM that it supports is kept at 16 GB.

According to the company in the real experience, the Snapdragon 712 is 10% more powerful than the Snapdragon 710, and this is especially noticeable in the games.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 appears as a marginal improvement of the previous 710, but it could be a very interesting choice because of the improvements related to AI and gaming. For now, a production date has not yet been announced for this model, which we will probably see integrated into some smartphones starting from the second half of 2019.

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