Sport Earbuds: Meizu EP-51 Are The Biggest Bang for Your Buck


Finding a set of quality earbuds to wear while working out isn’t always an easy feat. Sure, there are plenty of manufacturers that promise you comfort, quality sound, and durability, but their words are sometimes just words. In fact, some people try a dozen or so earbuds before finding a pair that pack a good punch for a tough workout session at the gym. If you’re on the search for earbuds that will boost the bass, fit snugly in your ear without feeling like you’ve got a log in there, and be built tough enough to endure many hours, you’ve got to try the Meizu EP-51 wireless earbuds. In fact, they’re so good that Apple is talking quite a bit about them, since there are some rumors going around that Apple will remove their headphone jack sometime in the future. Why? Because they are totally in favor of using a Bluetooth for charging. But of course, this means that for music lovers, wireless earbuds will be a necessity.

This brings up the question, “Will Apple include a free set of wireless buds with the phone?” As of now, when you purchase an Apple iPhone, a set of rather cheap headphones are included. So, if Apple does remove the headphone jack, will they then include a rather cheap pair of wireless earbuds?
Maybe, but chances are a set of wireless earbuds, even cheap ones, will set Apple back more than they’d probably like to invest. Regardless, wireless earbuds are becoming more and more popular, and rightly so. Wireless is more convenient for sure.

Now, onto why the Meizu EP-51 sports earbuds are becoming so popular. Well, it’s because they are the most cost effective wireless sport headsets on the market. Just walk into any major fitness center and observe what kinds of wireless earbuds the majority of people are using. It won’t take you long to see them sporting a nice pair of Meizu EP-51 earbuds. You’ll also see many professionals wearing the Meizu EP-51 earbuds, because they’re quite stylish.

Meizu EP-51 earphones
Meizu EP-51 earphones


Features of the Meuzu EP-51 sports earbuds
Let’s take a few minutes to look at the positive features of the earbuds, but of course, to really see just how valuable they are for their affordable cost, you must actually try them out.

  • They fit snug and feel comfortable
  • They are stylish, with a modern design
  • The sound is balanced
  • The ends of the earbuds have magnets in them, so when you take them off and let them dangle around your neck, the magnets hold them together.
  • To ward off sweat, there is a water-resistant coating (but don’t use them in the rain).
  • Charge time is 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Working time is about 6 hours
  • They support IOS and Androids

If you haven’t tried out these high-quality sports earbuds, you’re missing out. The name alone has a sort of “classy” feel to it, and they come with a stylish, cool carrying case. It’s a win-win situation for sure.


ColorAssorted Colors,White
FunctionAnswering Phone,Bluetooth,Microphone,Song Switching,Voice control,Waterproof
Product Details
Connecting interfaceMicro USB
ApplicationMobile phone,Sport
Cable Length (m)
Driver unit8.6mm
Frequency response20-20000Hz
Input Power10mW
Talk time6h
Music Time6h
Standby time400h
Charging Time
Micphone Sensitivity-42dB
Compatible withMobile phone
Extended Function
Bluetooth VersionV4.0
Bluetooth distanceW/O obstacles 10m
Bluetooth chipCSR8645
Bluetooth protocolA2DP,AVRCP,HFP
Bluetooth modeHands free
Battery Capacity(mAh)60mAh
Package Contents1 x Meizu EP51 Sport Earbuds, 6 x Earbud Tips, 1 x USB Charge Cable, 1 x Storage Box, 1 x English / Chinese User Manual
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