Lenovo Introduces the World’s Thinnest Bluetooth Sound Box

Lenovo unveils its new 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker, as thin as a smartphone.


The CES 2019 is already happening, and among many new things, sometimes some simpler ones may end up drawing a lot of attention. At CES 2019, Lenovo is obviously present in the computer segment, including its new ThinkPad X1 range, but the manufacturer has also unveiled a small nomadic speaker.

Lenovo introduced the world’s thinnest Bluetooth sound box, the Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker, with only 11mm thick. It is not the only highlight of the piece, which features a modern design and even resembles a smartphone released this year.

Elegance and power

It is the finest Bluetooth speaker ever produced and manages to have a sleek, flashy design and power not to make it ugly. Constructed from aluminum, it has a sleek modern look, including the new grille model that ensures the delivery of immersive 360-degree audio through the quad speaker system.


It is compatible with any device that has Bluetooth 5.0 and still has NFC and USB-C connectivity for ease of use and for recharging. The device uses Bluetooth 5.0 and can connect to other devices also via NFC or USB-C, there is only one port available in the box. It brings a touch-sensitive control panel to complement its style, and a full battery ensures eight hours of running, Lenovo warrants.

A Bluetooth speaker and more

The controls are intuitive and straightforward, located on the front of the device, which can control both audio playback and VOIP, a technology that allows the user to make or receive calls through a computer, notebook or smartphone.


And as for the battery, Lenovo ensures that 2 hours of charging is enough for the speaker to run for up to 8 hours at a time with a 2430mAh battery.

Anyone who wants to enjoy a sound near the pool or in the bathroom while bathing will not have much of a problem: the new wireless sound box from Lenovo has IPX2 certification and can withstand some water spills.

Availability and price

The Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker will begin shipping in April of this year, and the company has estimated that its price will be $149.99.

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