Huawei Smartwatch Would Serve as a Case for Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

What innovations can we expect from the Huawei Watch 3?


A new patent from China’s Huawei was found in the WIPO database, the World Intellectual Property Organization. The document describes a design that combines a smartwatch with a pair of fully wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The two headphones would be cylinders that could be stored in the body of the watch, exactly where the band finds the watch case.

On 28 June 2018, WIPO approved the patent from Huawei Technologies entitled ‘Wearable device having Bluetooth headset’.

This patent is a sign that Huawei plans to launch smartwatch with a great design idea. Storing wireless earbuds in smartwatch ensures users will not be bothered about any wired headphone devices. Everyone needs earphones to enjoy music, phone calls or watch videos.

This patent contains details on how to store earphones in several ways. First, inserted in a capsule with a spring mechanism that will open when the user presses the button. Secondly, a magnet is embedded inside the clock strap. These anti-air earphones also have the wireless noiseless system. So, it can be used as a means of answering the phone and adjusting the volume very easily.


These two earbuds could be inserted and removed from the device whenever the user needed them, but we do not have more complete details on how such a device would work. However, it could be that the socket would work basically like that of the S Pen inside smartphones of Samsung Galaxy Note line, where it is necessary to press to release the accessory. However, to avoid accidental touches, Huawei might be planning some magnetic system. At the moment, this is just speculation.

In addition to this model with headphones being stored in the watch case, close to the wrist connections, there would still be the second option, with the two headphones placed precisely on the wristband closing mechanism. This option has the advantage of ensuring a more compact case for the watch, but the bulge in the watch band might be even more uncomfortable.


As SlashGear pointed out, this would not be the first time that Huawei has been working on designs that combine watch with Bluetooth earbuds. The latest generation of TalkBand bracelets, launched in 2013, implements a similar concept.

Huawei is also still one of Apple’s few competitors in the smartwatch segment, with virtually every other major smartphone brand giving up on the segment or focusing its efforts on simpler devices such as fitness trackers.

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Although this patent has been announced, there are still opportunities that Huawei might provide another surprise feature when they launch the next generation smartwatch. In May 2018, the company had another patent with a Huawei gaming smartwatch concept. All in all, the Chinese manufacturer has enough creative ideas to provide the next generation of smartwatches with innovative features.

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