Huawei AI Speaker – A New Intelligent Speaker with a Familiar Look

Huawei has presented the world today with another intelligent speaker. Previous, AI Cube, resembled Google Home in its appearance, this time it was clearly modeled on another well-known product that debuted on the market some time ago.


Huawei is not only making great phones but also other useful devices in everyday life. Smart watches, sports wristbands, computers, tablets, or smart speakers. Today, the company presented another product from the family of the latter, which at first glance looks like Apple HomePod.

The Huawei AI Speaker has just like the Apple HomePod, cylinder shape and some buttons on the top, which allows users to adjust the volume or turn off the sound.

In contrast to the previously unveiled AI Cube, this new speaker does not have Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Instead, their own voice assistant, Xiaoyi, is present on the Huawei AI Speaker. It is not clear whether English voice support is also available. Huawei did not provide any information when the product comes out in China and whether a worldwide release also belongs to the plans.


The device is equipped with four buttons on the upper surface. These are responsible for silencing the device and listening, a connection button and two additional buttons corresponding to the volume control.

Performance of Huawei’s new smart speaker

We speak of a device that has a hi-fi system of 2.25 inches and with 10 W of power along with a music equalizer and software of reinforcement to improve the sound quality thanks to the “Histen” algorithm that Huawei mounts in some of your flagships.

The company added some low passive speakers to offer natural sound and more powerful bass. To this end, they have partnered with Dynaudio, a Danish company specialized in high-fidelity products, to create a design and a really powerful acoustic system.


As for the voice assistance capabilities of this new smart speaker from Huawei, say that the Huawei AI Speaker has six microphones and a speech recognition system based on Xiaoyi, the Huawei assistant with artificial intelligence.

The smart speaker has HiLink support to control IoT devices such as smart locks or security cameras. The Shenzhen-based giant has not announced the release date of its new solution, but taking into account the price of Huawei AI Speaker at about 399 yuan, we have before us a cheap smart speaker that we will have to follow very closely.

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