YEPO 737A Notebook Review: unboxing & testing


YEPO – the Chinese manufacturer of tablets, PCs and notebooks – entered the market of laptops in 2017 and with an idea in mind: to create a MacBook for consumers with a limited budget.

This new model, launched after the 737S, is called YEPO 737A and in this review, in addition to unboxing with photos, we focused on the features we loved most and some of the features that we think may require a small improvement.

Note: YEPO 737A is available in different versions, starting from 64 GB of memory + Intel Celeron N3450 to about 179 € and with 128 GB of memory at about 219 €. In this article, we will review the version with Intel Celeron N3450, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of eMMC memory.


The package of YEPO 737A is a standard cardboard box like that of many other laptops. The box is printed with the most important specifications on the side and the notebook protected by a whole series of packaging inside.

The content is essential including the computer and the power supply. We have received two plugs, one US and fortunately one European. Remember to always specify the type of EU Plug when you order from China!


At first glance, the YEPO 737A will surprise you. Firstly, the catchy color (which is very reminiscent of a MacBook) immediately catches the eye, and secondly, it looks really robust.
From the design point of view, YEPO did not do any experiments: the top of the notebook is completely made of aluminum. And we find something similar in the interior, a lot of aluminum and a keyboard with a sufficiently large trackpad.

The thickness is thin and comparable to a MacBook Pro. YEPO has not removed any ports (like Apple) on the left side. It offers the charging port, a USB 3.0 port and an HDMI port. On the right side there is a USB 3.0 port, headphone output and a microSD card slot. Of course, there is also a connection for the included power supply, which unfortunately has a very short cable.

By the way, the YEPO laptop does not have a fan! The notebook is passively cooled and therefore completely silent.


YEPO 737A has a 13.3″ Full HD display.
In short, the display is not bad for the price. The brightness is high and the colors are good, although it is not possible to use it outside under direct sunlight.


YEPO 737A is equipped with Intel Celeron N3450 with 6 GB of RAM that is good though not the best. And above all when starting up, you often have to accept short waiting times. Especially at first boot, Windows loads various background software updates that cause 20-40% of CPU load.

Geekbench :

Although the processor is not a monster in performance, it offers over 50% more power than, for example, an Intel Atom x5 Z8300. But it’s about 40% behind a m3-6Y30 core

Youtube :

I was not expecting it, but this trouble-free laptop plays 4k video. In fact, the performance of the laptop is good, so 6 GB of RAM and a good processor are felt.

AIDA64 :
3DMark :

Keyboard & Trackpad

The size of the keyboard is right and the keys are a nice dull black. The mouse buttons are embedded under the trackpad and can be activated by pressing.

YEPO 737A has a qwerty keyboard. The clicking sound of the keys is pleasantly good and clear. Trackpad monitoring is also good.
YEPO-737A-keyboard (2)


YEPO 737A is based on Windows 10 64-bit, moderately clean software with nothing pre-installed by YEPO. The first language is English / Chinese (100% English and not the English-Chinese mix of the other notebooks).


YEPO 737A’s speakers are bad. Starting from the back of the notebook! The sound that comes out of it is really weak; however, it can be solved with a pair of € 10 cases.


According to the manufacturer, YEPO 737A has a 8000mAh battery: really impressive! In our test, with 100% battery charge and surfing the Internet with Google Chrome until the battery is exhausted, YEPO has resisted for almost 6 hours at half the brightness of the display. That’s not bad.

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