Xiaomi Backed WACOM Introduces New Slate to Digitize Everything You Draw and Write

Xiaomi is probably one of the tech giants that are active in a greater number of markets. All of your gadgets and gadgets are above average and are always designed with users in mind.


The design is one of the jobs that has changed the most in recent years. Programs such as AutoCAD or tools such as BIM have made computers essential elements, but also smartphones have changed the way people draw. It has helped devices such as the iPad Pro or the Galaxy Note.

But if there is an electronic device that has supposed a point of inflection, they are graphic digitizing tablets. And among the brands, there is one, WACOM, which has a compatible model not only with computers but also with mobile devices for use in iOS or Android.

This product is not from Xiaomi; it is from the large company WACOM, which works in the manufacture of products for designers. Xiaomi has included it in its catalog of the Youpin website, where thousands of companies are associated with Xiaomi for the sale and distribution of their products.


This digitizing notebook comes with the name Bamboo Slate, just as WACOM usually calls its tablets for designers. This graphics tablet model involves more modern functions and is linked to interactive technology and connectivity. In this way, you can download the Wacom Inkspace app on your phone to edit, organize, and share both your notes and sketches from your own smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.

You will be connected at all times to your social networks, and you can instantly transfer files from the tablets to your phone, to gain more followers and better visibility on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram every day.

Write in pencil on any paper

Bamboo Slate is a digital notebook that allows us to draw on any paper whenever we use the included pencil. We can also write and digitalize any design that we have done simply by pressing a button. When we press it, the Bluetooth connection of the tablet will be activated and sent to our Android smartphone (it also works with iOS or Windows computers.) We can create JPEG, PNG, PDF or WILL files and have enough memory to store 100 pages before downloading them in the device that we choose.

It is even able to recognize the letter we write to send texts already written to our smartphone and can be synchronized with applications such as Inkspace, Dropbox, OneNote, and Evernote.


The price of this device varies depending on the size we need. If we want the A4 format, the size of a folio, we will have to pay 125 euros. If on the other hand we only need half, with an A5, the price drops to 99.99 euros.

In both cases the tablet is included, a pad with sheets of the necessary size, a Wacom pen with a spare mine and the micro USB cable that we will need to load the tablet.

Xiaomi will sell this WACOM product on its Youpin website. The product is added to other products that Xiaomi has from other brands such as the Amazon Kindle book, Sony headphones or Philips bulbs, which are complemented in the sale of their website.

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