Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Arrives with Two Screens and without Physical Keyboard

Yoga Book C930 stretches the boundaries of what's possible with an impossibly thin form factor.


Being the center of attention in a fair as populated by the news as IFA is not easy. And this Lenovo convertible has done it. Lenovo still manages to surprise us with its Yoga Book C930. While the first model, in 2016, was equipped with a touch keyboard, it presents a second 10.8-inch e-ink screen. You will wonder what is special about it. Very simple – it’s a double screen.

In 2016, the Lenovo Yoga Book had started a trend to offer a laptop without the physical keyboard. The second part of the laptop was a real area in which a tactile keyboard appeared, and which could also analyze the features of a real pen on paper.


For this new version, the second 10.8-inch screen is now … e-ink! For Lenovo, eliminating the physical keyboard and opting instead for a second electronic ink screen is a gamble. One that will possibly dazzle some users and scare others to the extent that this Yoga Book is not a solution that aspires to conquer the public.

But the two screens are not the only interesting feature of this product. It also has a very solid hinge, and its weight of 775g gives it almost insulting portability.

And a good part of the merit is the generous size of the virtual keys, which is similar to a physical keyboard type chiclet. However, the electronic ink screen does not only serve to put at our disposal in the virtual keyboard. It also includes two additional modes of use that significantly expand the functionality of this convertible.

One of these modes transforms this screen into an electronic book reader and only requires that we fold the convertible to enable the tablet mode. By doing so, this device becomes an e-book capable of offering an experience very similar to that of traditional e-book readers.

Technical specifications

Lenovo Yoga Book C930 incorporates a 10.8-inch multitouch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 points. It may seem excessive, but it is not. And is that because this resolution is high the workspace that offers us in Windows 10 the panel of fewer than 11 inches is quite broad. The main screen uses an IPS LCD panel and has QHD resolution, while the electronic display is Full HD. Of course, both are multi-touch.


The second screen, which is the one that occupies both the position and the role of the physical keyboard in other laptops, is solid ink, multitouch and has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

The other specifications of this convertible fit well in what you would expect from an ultralight below the one kg weight: 4 GB of RAM, up to 256 GB of expandable SSD storage via a micro-SD card, a connectivity wireless at the height of the circumstances that contemplates the possibility of integrating LTE, a battery with a respectable capacity (4,650 mAh), etc. Lenovo also announced a range of more than eight hours of battery life for this computer that will be easy to carry.

Ultra-thin and ultra-compact

It is an aspect in which the Yoga Book has not changed. Lenovo always wants to create the small extra computer that is very easy to carry. In this second edition of Yoga, it does not disappoint at all – it is less than 9.9 mm thick once closed, for just under 775 grams. Be careful though as it only has two USB type C ports (also used for charging).

In hand, everything is striking. It’s almost unbelievable that this small object houses an Intel Core i5 7th generation. Lenovo has not detailed the final technical sheet. That said, on this type of laptop, these chips should do precisely what they are asked.

Image Courtesy – Lenovo

Besides, there is no doubt that two screens consume significantly more than one, even if one of them is solid ink and devours much less energy than a conventional IPS or VA LCD panel.

With its excellent design, but also very square, the computer is not easy to open. It is why Lenovo has planned the coup by offering a surprising feature: when you make “knock” on the top of the device, the screen automatically rises.

The Yoga Book C930 will be available at the end of September for $999 in WiFi and 4G models.


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