HyperX Mars Gaming Keyboard: Unboxing


Kingston is best known on the markets as a largest independent producer of DRAM memory modules, but this company also owns a HyperX brand that makes mice, headphones and keyboards for gamers. New HyperX Mars keyboard was designed for players who demand absolute reliability and best performance to gain advantage over opponents in online duels. We just got our hands on this gear so read on.

HyperX Mars Gaming Keyboard: Unboxing

The keyboard is packed in a standard cardboard box with illustrative photos and technical information imprinted.

Kingston HyperX keyboard

On the side of the box you’ll find a list of leading e-sports teams sponsored by Kingston. As you can see, HyperX also boasts being official partner of Intel Extreme Master, which is the most important world championship in online games such as Counter Strike and World of Tanks.

Kingston HyperX keyboard

Keyboard is properly secured with a layer of foil, cardboard and cushioning sponges.

Kingston HyperX keyboard

The complete package includes a keyboard, detachable wrist rest, Quick Start brochure and a thank-you leaflet. Also worth noting is excellent quality, with gold-plated USB plug and braided cable. There is even certificate printed on inside of the package, that it doesn’t exceed the PCBA standards for heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury – so you might consider this equipment environmentally friendly.

Kingston HyperX keyboard


LightingRGB, 16 mln colors
InterfaceCable, USB 2.0
Number of keys104
Durability50 milion clicks
Response time1 ms
Weight0.91 kg
Size47.20 x 13.50 x 3.60 cm
Box contentsKeyboard, English Manual

Pros and Cons


  • Anti-ghosting and instant 1ms response for best gaming performance
  • Multiple RGB backlight modes in 16 million colors
  • Detachable wrist rest
  • Mechanical keys can be easily removed and replaced and have durability of 50 million clicks
  • Despite the premium quality, it’s cheaper than similar gaming keyboards


  • Quite heavy
  • A bit noisy keys

Kingston HyperX keyboard

Gaming performance and capabilties

Let’s be honest – players buy gaming equipment to gain at least a bit advantage over their opponents or even out the odds and this is certainly equipment for e-sports professionals that will fill this role perfectly. The response time is minimized to 1 ms, and the anti-ghosting function prevents the keys from being blocked as a result of pushing several buttons at the same time. Buttons work very smoothly (albeit being mechanical, they’re a bit noisy – but that’s typical for this kind of keyboards) and will suit both gaming session and also office work. Just switch from ordinary keyboard to HyperX Mars and you will instantly feel the difference!

An interesting feature is the Game Mode activated by the combination of FN + F12 keys. In the heat of the online skirmish, it’s sometimes easy to push the Windows button (the one on the bottom left), which results in the exit to the desktop, sometimes even crashing the game. Game Mode enables blocking the Windows button hardware thus preventing similar accidents.

Kingston HyperX keyboard

RGB backlight

Multi-color backlight looks fantastic – it’s intense, colorful and gives the keyboard satisfyingly aggressive character. You can also freely control its settings or turn it off completely. Lighting mode can be set by a keystrokes. For example, FN + Page Up / Page Down controls the backlight mode, and FN + cursor keys adjust the brightness level. There are as many as six backlight types to choose from, like a wave of colors, one color lighting, or our favorite “breathing” light, similar to those found in gaming mice and headphones. There is also light bar, located at the bottom of the keyboard under the space key that gives it even more jazz.

For full lighting control you can download and install drivers (available at a Kingston website). Software will enable you to define any color for each key, so you’ll be able to customize the keyboard completely to your needs.

Kingston HyperX keyboard

Build quality and design

HyperX Mars is equipped with mechanical Outemu keycaps, which are extremely durable and can be removed for some DIY customization, for example if you want to mark WSAD keys with different color. According to the manufacturer, the durability of mechanical switches is estimated at 50 million clicks – so unless you are a professional e-sports player, you’d need like fifty years to wear it off. Removable keycaps also have the advantage of being easy to clean up – remember to tidy it up from time to time, because there are a lot of microbes on the keyboards!

Braided cable is 1.8 meters long, so you certainly won’t need any extension, and the USB plug is gold-plated, which reduces electrical resistance, resulting in potentially better responsiveness. Cover is plastic, but its internal structure is made from aluminum alloy, which adds some weight to it. Wrist rest reduces the chance of catching up a carpal tunnel syndrome, which is pro-gamers (and tennis players) occupational disease. The pad is detachable, so you can remove it if it bothers you or if you simply don’t have enough space on your desk.


Kingston HyperX Mars is one of the best keyboards you will find at GearBest. It fully deserves to be called gaming gear and it’s no coincidence that e-sport champions around the world use HyperX accesories. It’s also extremely durable, it will serve you many years (Kingston provides a two-year warranty) and typing comfort for office work is really high. Highly recommended, and not only to gamers!


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