HP Reinvents PC: Blend of Leather and Aluminum for New Specter Folio

HP's Specter Folio 13 could almost invite itself to the podiums of the next Fashion Week. On the occasion of a New York event, the American brand unveils its new vision of the 13.3-inch convertible hybrid laptop PC, very high-end and whose finish combines both leather and an aluminum alloy and magnesium.


It is at the beginning of October that HP tries again to re-invent the laptop with the new Specter Folio.

Released during an event in New York, the HP Specter Folio is the new device of the line known for its 2-in-1 handsets with luxurious design and small size. But this time the HP fled the traditional metal and plastic and delivered a computer all covered in leather.

It may not be clear to see just the photos and videos of the notebook, but the leather is not just a cover embedded in the device. It is part of the computer body and can be folded in several positions, allowing the user to use the HP Specter Folio as a traditional notebook or tablet.


The leather here takes the place of aluminum and covers (in one piece) at the same time the back of the screen, the underside of the machine but also a part of the internal tray, where are the keyboard backlit and the touchpad.

From a distance, in the closed position, it looks almost like a briefcase but once the 13.3-inch screen (Full HD or 4K) touch screen, no more doubt.


It is possible to use the machine as a tablet, with the keyboard folded on the back of the device, in classic portable PC mode using the kickstand built into the device or in the intermediate position, by posing the screen in front of the keyboard keys. A set of magnets would securely hold the screen in this position.

The hinge is very well thought and magnetized, which makes it easy to switch from one mode to another without having the impression of having something fragile. In reality, we have the impression that HP has managed to offer us a real 2-in-1 in a chassis of a PC as a Microsoft Surface.


HP would have decided to opt for leather and a metal alloy in order to lighten the machine as much as possible (announced weight of 1.45 kg). Choices that forced him to rethink the internal arrangement of components, all located between the screen and the thick leather sheet.

Moreover, two Intel processors recently presented at IFA Berlin are in charge of running Windows 10 and the apps, Core i5-8200Y, and Core i7-8500Y. Two ultra-low-power chips, which are here passively cooled.

They are coupled to a screen developed by Sharp and Intel – presented at the last Computex and which consume only 1W – and a battery consequent (70% of the available space under the keyboard) would be able to keep the machine operational for more than 21 hours (18 hours on the Core i7 version). In addition, there is 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD storage.

According to HP, one of the new features that will make this possible is Intel’s low-power display technology, which would cut half the battery spent with the notebook display. Weighing 1.4kg, it’s not as lightweight as other competitors in this luxury market, such as Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro, but it averages another 2-in.

For charging, HP opts for the USB Type-C as on other recently released Spectrum computers. Three Type-C jacks including two compatible Thunderbolt 3, a full-size USB (3.1 gen2) and a headphone jack constitute the connection of the Specter Folio. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are of course also travel.


The HP Specter Folio 13 would only be available on the brand’s online sales site as of October 29, at prices starting from $1300 for the Core i5 model and $1400 for the Core i7 model. A variant with 4G card slot could also be offered ($1500), and the version with 4K screen and a different color leather covering will only be available at Christmas.

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