Alfawise T1: Fast Mini PC with Gemini Lake CPU


Alfawise T1 Mini PC

Alfawise T1 is the first Mini PC that works under new Intel Gemini Lake processor. Discover its features and see if it is worth buying.


CPUIntel GEMINI LAKE Celeron N4100
GPUIntel HD Graphics 600
Internal memory64 GB
Max HDD/SSD capacity2 TB
WiFi802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
InterfaceMicrophone, 2 x HDMI, memory card, Audio jack, DC, LAN, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Bluetooth, WiFi
Weight407 g
Size16.00 x 13.45 x 3.20 cm
Box contents1 x Mini PC, 1 x Power supply, 1 x HDMI cable ( 80mm ), 1 x HDMI cable ( 20mm ), 1 x Bracket, 1 x English manual

Pros and Cons


  • Faster than your average Mini PC
  • Two HDMI ports
  • Bracket that allows you to place it on the back of the monitor
  • Small and light
  • Can be voice controlled
  • Half the price of a desktop computer with comparable capabilities


  • Not much in terms internal memory – external disk or MicroSD card is a must

Alfawise T1 Mini PC

Performance and capabilities

This is the first mini PC on the market that has new Intel Gemini Lake processor inside. This CPU was conceived as a successor of Celeron Apollo Lake, and is intended for notebooks, tablet PCs and mini PCS, with its low energy consumption and moderate computing power. It’s Quad Core, supports four threads, has 4 MB of cache memory and is clocked from 1.1 GHz to 2.4 GHz, increasing its frequency when needed. Compared to Apollo Lake, the new processor is 30% faster on average. Good performance is also affected by 4 GB RAM, made in the fast DDR4 technology.

64 GB of internal memory is not much, considering that the operating system itself can take up more than half of this space, so it’s worth expanding the device’s capacity right away. We can do it in three ways: using a MicroSD card, through an external disk or USB flash drive, or by inserting a 2.5-inch SDD or HDD. We recommend the latter solution here, because it will ensure the highest data speed transfer possible. SSD is connected by an M.2 connector.

Alfawise T1 Mini PC


There are 4 USB ports available, and two of them are USB 3.0. After connecting the keyboard, mouse and speakers, you’ll be left with only 1 free port, so we recommend buying an USB hub (available for a few bucks in most Chinese online stores) that allows you to plug in even more accessories.

Designers have decided to include two HDMI outputs here, so this computer can be connected to two monitors to double the workspace or to get two Windows desktops. Maximum resolution is 4K for each monitor (actually 3840 x 2160 px). An interesting and unusual add-on is a microphone that provides voice control by Cortana software.


Alfawise T1 Mini PC

Appearance and assembly

This mini PC is enclosed in an elegant, gray casing with electrical circuits printed on the front. Passive cooling is provided through openings on the sides of the housing.

The Alfawise T1 is much larger and heavier compared to TV boxes, but it’s tiny anyway compared to desktop PC and it doesn’t even have to be placed on your desk. It has a special bracket that allows you to fix it to the back of the monitor, so it does not take up space on the desk at all. The power button also works as a reset, and the small hole next to it is used to reset BIOS to default settings by inserting a pin into the slot.


Alfawise T1 Mini PC


This is the fastest mini PC that you’ll find on GearBest or Aliexpress and will allow you to use full capabilities of Windows 10 or Linux at work or at home with the comfort of a fast-running Gemini Lake CPU. Priced at $199.99 on GearBest, it’s on sale now.

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