After Flagship Killer in Smartphone, OnePlus is Gearing Up for TV Segment in 2020

It is is not the first time we've talked about a possible OnePlus TV. The Chinese company's Smart TV has already been officially referred to by the CEO of the company, and it is a matter of time until it is revealed.


Three months ago, OnePlus announced that it was working on a smart TV, whose name was to be announced just a few days ago. The company’s silence on this subject leads us to doubt that it will soon be commercialized, and some recent interviews by CEO Pete Lau further support this thesis.

Speaking with the Chinese TechWeb, Lau has revealed that there is not yet a precise launch date and that this could even slip until 2020. OnePlus will not rush things, and its smart OnePlus TV will only be available when it is ready.

The good news is that, based on other statements of the same CEO at Economic Times, it will be a flagship killer, or a smart TV competitive but with an aggressive price. The company is also aiming to create a product that it would be a hub for the whole smart home.


Therefore, OnePlus TV is expected to bring all the technology that any other top-of-the-line Smart TV. We would have 4K HDR screen and an intelligent operating system. There is information on the operating system that OnePlus will bet on Android TV. That way there is no greater effort by the brand to upgrade the software to your Smart TV and make it more competitive over time.

However, the brand’s CEO said that OnePlus TV would reach the world’s second-largest market, India. It is also very likely to be on sale in your online store for Europe. It is rare that OnePlus takes any gadget to India and does not reveal it in Europe.

If you were in a hurry to get to know OnePlus TV, you’d have to wait, because the Chinese company has no desire to accelerate the time. After all, with the 5G at the doorstep and the future OnePlus 7 in production, it will be difficult to move so much space to develop such a special product. It just remains to see when they will show up the TV!

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