PHILIPS ADR720: Car Recorder with Wide Angle Lens


A reliable car camera increases driving safety, which should be paramount to any sensible driver. If you don’t want to risk with choosing from cheap and unreliable cameras that doesn’t have particularly good image quality, take a look at a new PHILIPS ADR720 – smart car DVR with HD 2.5K resolution.

PHILIPS ADR720 Car Camera: Features

ResolutionUp to 2560 x 1440 px
Disply2.0-inch LCD
Imaging sensor4 MP CMOS
File formaMOV, H.264 codec
StorageMicroSD up to 128 GB
Work temperature-10 to 65 deg C
Power supply12 – 24V / 5V 1A
Size7.80 x 5.90 x 2.80 cm
Weight69 g
Box contents1 x PHILIPS ADR720 Driving Recorder, 1 x Bracket, 1 x Power supply plug, 1 x Sticky Tape, 1 x Bilingual User Manual in English and Chinese

PHILIPS ADR720 Car Camera: Pros and Cons


  • Crystal clear 2.5K recordings in all driving conditions and also at night
  • LCD display
  • Wide 140 degree FOV
  • Loop recording makes it easy to use
  • Supports MicroSD cards up to 128 GB
  • Hassle free and reliable


  • Relatively large


Recording capabilites

The most important feature of every car camera is the recording resolution and video quality, and in this case the ADR720 won’t disappoint any driver. Recording quality can be actually compared to videos shot by action cameras. 2.5K resolution (2560 x 1440 px to be exact) is provided at 30 fps and can be reduced if you want to save space on the memory card or get more frames per second – up to 120 fps. Thanks to the H.264 codec that writes files in MOV format videos do not take up much space. On a 128 GB MicroSD card you can store as much as 10 hours 2.5K recordings. A wide 140-degree Field of View angle ensures that you will capture entire scene.




Control and interface

This is truly hassle-free camera and operation is very easy. Loop recording function deletes old files without need to do it manually. It even supports automatic recording which can be started as you power on your vehicle. In case of road accident, emergency recording automatically saves files to secure the evidence and prevent overwriting. The six-part lens is resistant to deformation due to high temperature and is resistant to general wear. The camera is even protected from overheating by a heat sensor which upon exceeding 70 degrees Celsius, immediately disconnects the power supply and protects the recordings.

The 2-inch LCD display on the back of the camera allows you to replay videos as well as manually delete files and adjust the device settings. Last interesting feature is the fatigue index that will indicate an audible warning message when the driver should be taking a rest.  This protects against falling asleep – a highly dangerous and unfortunately not that rare occurrence among unwary drivers.

Some minor drawback might be size of the ADR720. It is certainly bigger than small action cameras, but take note that unlike recently review Xiaomi Car Camera, it features a display and a large number of sensors. It’s also CCC/CE/FCC compliant and tested against electromagnetic interference from cell phones which might be important when using recordings as a court evidence.





ADR720 is the latest among long line of Philips car cameras and compared to older models, you’ll find here best recording capabilities, high resolution and features that previously weren’t present at all. If you are looking for a good and reliable car recorder that captures all the details on the video, like license plates and is suited to recording at night, we highly recommend you this camera. You’ll find it on GearBest and other Chinese online stores, with free worldwide shipping. Let us know if you have any questions or your opinion on this gear in the comment box below.


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