MJX Bugs 3 Pro: Best Entry-Level Drone with Camera Mount and GPS


MJX are the masters in design of good drones that are available at a low price, easy to pilot and crammed with features. The new MJX Bugs 3 Pro is an improved version of the previous MJX Bugs 3 released in 2016. This upgraded version has even better parameters: can fly further and it’s controllable on longer ranges, has a GPS and features a more powerful battery. See if it’s worth your money and discover what it has to offer.

MJX Bugs 3 Pro: Features

MotorBrushless MT2204 1500KV
CameraNo built-in camera
Max speed10 m/s
SensorsBarometer, accelerometer, 6-axis gyroscope, GPS/GLONASS, voltage meter
Control range600 – 800 m
Battery7.4V 2800mAh
Flight time22 minutes
Charging time5 hours
Size410 x 410 x 150 mm
Weight1.05 kg
Box contents1 x RC Drone ( Battery Included ), 1 x Transmitter, 1 x EU Charger, 4 x Propeller, 1 x Propeller Tool, 1 x Gimbal, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Balance Charger Set, 1 x English Manual, 1 x Camera Cable

Pros and cons


  • A powerful brushless motor
  • Fast and agile, easy to control for beginners
  • Battery allows 22 minutes of flight
  • Long control range
  • Install any action camera you want


  • No camera included
  • MJX plug battery – generic cells won’t work

MJX Bugs 3 Pro

Flight capabilities

MJX Bugs 3 Pro has an excellent, powerful Li-Po battery that has a capacity of 2800 mAh, allowing for 22 minutes of flight with an external camera suspended on the mount. The battery is replaceable, but it has a special plug used only by MJX, so it fits only drones made by this company and you won’t be able to replace it with generic (and usually cheaper) battery. The excellent MT2204 1500 Kv brushless motor achieves a maximum speed of 10 m/s so it’s viable for exciting quadcopter races and it’s so strong, that it can carry a camera weighing up to 230 grams. Also, the radio control range of 600-800 meters is unbeatable by any drone in this price category. Built-in barometer allows it to maintain a constant height, and a comprehensive control system uses GPS, so you can freely draw a route on a Google Maps in app and Bugs 3 Pro will fly along this track.


MJX Bugs 3 Pro


The transmitter does not have standard display – because there is no camera to transmit the picture through, but there is small LCD status screen that displays status icons, such as battery level, calibration, GPS range or altitude. Full control functionality is obtained in the application available on iOS or Android devices.

Because Bugs 3 Pro is intended for beginners, even total quadcopter noobs will be able to handle this drone perfectly on their first try. Smart GPS-enabled RTH allows easy return to the base with a single button. If there are obstacles, such as trees or buildings along the route, you can manually control the quadcopter to better guide it to the landing place in this mode. RTH will also be automatically activated if the signal disappears for 6 seconds or more, so the probability of a fatal loss of control is very low.


MJX Bugs 3 Pro

Other functions

Bugs 3 Pro does not have built-in camera and designers have abandoned this feature in favor of standard action camera mount, that works with GoPro, Xiaomi and other popular brands. You need to supply your own gear for this, but you can pick from almost any sports cameras available, as it can lift up to 230 g. There is no gimbal for image stabilization, but taking into account the very high flight stability, it may even be unnecessary, especially in moderate winds.

Large 7.4-inch propellers are easy to install because they have markings facilitating the replacement. Strong LED backlight is located under the propellers and makes it well visible at night, which should prevent nasty air accidents.

MJX Bugs 3 Pro

Final verdict

MJX Bugs Pro 3 will find its application in racing competitions, semi-professional aerial photography or just casual, recreational use for fun. It’s great drone for beginners and really inexpensive for what it can offer. This may even be the best entry-level quadcopter that you can find in Chinese online stores and able successor of Bugs 3.


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