JGAURORA A5X 3D: Large Volume 3D Printer For Beginners


JGAURORA A5X 3D printer

3D printing newcomers have wide selection of makers’ devices at their disposal, but not every gear will be suitable for people who have no experience or technical skills in assembling DIY kits and setting up their first printer. The ideal 3D printer should be easy to install, ought to have a display showing the operating status and a large working area – and all these conditions are met by the new JGAURORA A5X. So if you would like to jumpstart into 3D printing and start creating stuff out of thin air (well, actually out of filament), A5X might be the best choice for you.

JGAURORA A5X 3D: Features

Print volume320 x 320 x 350 mm
Nozzle diameter0.4 mm
Layer thickness0.1-0.3 mm
Printing speed10 – 150 mm/s
Nozzle temperature180 – 240 degrees
DisplayLCD 2.8-inch touch screen
Power340 W
Weight10 kg
Size61.00 x 51.30 x 60.50 cm
Box contents1 x PLA, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Power Line, 1 x USB Stick, 1 x 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm Allen Wrench, 5 x M4x6 Socket Cap Screw, 4 x M3x5 Socket Cap Screw, 1 x PE Ziplock Bag, 1 x Tool Box

Pros and cons


  • Very easy to install – can be assembled in literally 90 seconds
  • Very large print area for making large items
  • Color touchscreen for easy operation
  • High precision printing provided by alloy nozzle and solid frame


  • No WiFi connection


Printing capabilities

JGAURORA A5X stands out from the crowd thanks to its big working area, ease of use and remarkable precision. Large frame and a 320 x 320 x 350 mm heating plate enables trouble-free printing of bulky objects, with a layer thickness of 0.1 mm – 0.3 mm. High precision is further increased thanks to a metal alloy nozzle that heats evenly and dual Z screw rod. The print speed is 10 – 150 mm/s depending on the user’s preferences (the slower the more accurate your printouts will be) and nozzle heats in the range of 180 – 240 degrees Celsius. A5X supports many types of filament, including ABS, TPU, PLA or wood – which is actually a bamboo with the addition of flexible plastic particles. It can also read popular file formats such as G-code and OBJ that can br downloaded for free from portals and makers’ communities such as Thingiverse.


Setup and control

This is probably the least complicated 3D printer to set up and launch that you can buy. The assembly process is simplified to an absolute minimum and it will take you no more than 90 seconds. Parts to assemble include only 4 modules: a heatbed, a printer frame, motor and nozzle, and a power supply with a computer control unit. Just tighten the screws, install a filament, perform test leveling and the gear is ready for use. The self-leveling function allows you to easily adjust the plate inclination , which is necessary to achieve high printing precision. JGAURORA A5X can be operated by connecting it to a computer – drivers and software can be found on the USB stick included in the box, or completely offline, thanks to the 2.8-inch color touch screen display that has English interface. Unfortunately, there is no 3D module for cloud printing, that you can find in some other machines, like Geeetech printers. It can also resume printing after sudden power cut and detects when the filament is running out. You can stop printing and continue the process later, so you won’t waste time and materials used.

It’s also worth mentioning that the printer is sent in a large cardboard box secured with cotton fill, which minimizes the chance that your delicate electronics or other parts weighing a total of 10 kilograms will be damaged in transit.

 JGAURORA A5X 3D Printer


JGAURORA A5X is a 3D printer undoubtedly targeted at beginners, but its sturdy frame and high work precision will also appeal to seasoned makers, especially if you are looking for a device that has a large build volume for your biggest projects. Available at low price of $379.99 at GearBest and Banggood, it’ll find its applications in creating architectural models, jewelery, prototypes, machine parts – or you can simply get it for fun & joy of making!

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